The Truth about Gorgon Brown

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lsquared, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. A very senior civil servant, Lord Turnbull, has spilled the beans about the dreadful man Brown - our future Prime Minister.

    'Stalinist' is one part of the description. Without inside knowledge I have long suspected, since May 1997 in fact, that Brown was inclined to a Marxist-Leninist way of doing things.

    His Kremlin style appointment to be the next Leader is symptomatic of his, and his ghastly party's, attitude to us - the poor tax-payer.

    Despite the figures and statistics trolled out on a regular basis by Blair and his dishonest crew of mendicants, Brown has been a disaster as a Chancellor. His one good decision - 'freedom' for the Bank of England - has been watered down by his appointment to the Deputy Governor's post of one of his third rate cronys. He took over an exceptionally strong position and has been favoured by an unusually benign global financial climate. His 'legacy' has been built on 'sand' and I wonder who he will blame when the real position becomes apparent.

    I suppose Sven will spring to defend his Comrade, but frankly Sven old bean, I think I'll believe Lord Turnbull in this matter.
  2. There are many behavioral indications that Brown suffers from an anti social psychopathic personality disorder. Stalinistic is a pretty apt description.

    Already he is getting his security apparatus in place... todays smoking cessation co-ordinator will be tommorrows commissar!

    The micro chips on wheely bins are to detect those who rid themselves of Labour Party election literature..

    I dispose of such trash in a much more appropriate and environmentaly friendly manner.... luckily it is all so soft, strong and thoroughly absorbant.
  3. I don't know if it 'the form' to post on your own topic, doubtless I shall be advised.

    Just had 'Miss' Harriet Harman (Deputy Leader candidate and spouse of a Party Treasurer who did NOT know about millions of pounds of donations/payments) sounding like a sweet little mouse and saying she thought Brown was a good chap and listened to her submissions for cash. She did not say whether she got the cash.

    Give us a break! Call a General Election - now!
  4. It's nauseating to see them tripping over each other to win Brown's patronage.

    I will of course believe everything I hear from professional politicians.. after all they are all whiter than white.

    Heaven forbid that a control freak like Brown had no knowledge of dodgy party finances.

    Hi deafening silence on the issue speaks volumes.
  5. Whats nauseating to me is Gordon Browns pathetic attempts to make himself more popular with the electorate and portray himself as British and middle class when in reality he's a dour,left wing old Labour tax and spend socialist!!
    That pathetic interview with Sky news when he was crying was utterly cringe making!!!
  6. If he really wants to make himself popular with the electorate, let them have a say on who gets to be PM.

    Call an election when Blair resigns.

    We are turning into a third world banana republic as far as the integrity of our political leaders is concerned.
  7. Politician is a 'Cnut' shocker!

    Why are we so surprised that he is a contol freak with a personality disorder? What concerns me most is that he has no discernable leadership qualities. Bliar may be an arrsehole of the highest order, but he is a leader, he is charismatic and able to inspire quite remarkable loyalty in his followers. Granted his is not the sort of leadership which would inspire us and he has not used his skills for anything other than personal advancement or rewarding others' loyalty, but amongst many in his party he is viewed as a latter day saint.

    Brown, it is apparent, would be incapable of leading this country out of a wet paper bag with a pair of scissors and is attracting support solely because he is the heir apparent. Remember Bliar, for all his faults, inspired loyalty in his followers well before he was tipped to be PM.

    I am also quite concerned about how Brown will relate to his fellow world leaders. Post Bliar he has the opportunity to rebuild links with Europe, but I can't imagine him doing anything but alienating Presidents and other PMs by being drier than a saharan goat's ringpiece.
  8. I personally think he'd be totally out of his depth and that Foreign leaders would see straight through him.
    No doubt he'd try and win some brownie points and sooth his own ego by wasting some more of our money on Africa.Its one of his favorite things to do!
  9. 'Drier than a Saharan goat's ring-piece' - now that is a description of Brown I would never have dreamt up in a hundred lifetimes.

    Well done Bat_Crab !!
  10. Apologies. Had not seen this thread earlier. Had I done so I would have posted my thoughts here rather than in Current Affairs.
  11. Right on time, another Deputy Leader 'wanabee', Hilary Benn says Brown is a super chap - or words to that effect.

    Don't these ludicrous 'politicos' realize that we, the great un-washed tax-paying 'proles', do have brains and that we can recognize a hyper-control freak, psychologically flawed and socially inept clot when we see one?
  12. Unfortunately not everyone is as enlightened as the posters of ARRSE.