The truth about Cats and Dogs

For years people have said that although dogs chase cats and the cats run away, in a fight a cat, with its sharp claws, lightening reactions and agility would win.

yesterday, my border collie chased a cat through the woods, very fast dogs collies, cat decided to run rather than go up one of the many trees, it came to a garden fence and jumped up it, the fence turned out to be very springy and bounced the cat straight into the jaws of a very suprised dog.
Collie then proceeded to give the cat a good old shake, the cat, who obviously hadnt heard the tales of cat verses dog fights, knew its minutes were numbered and didnt even struggle.
I managed to grab my dog and prise the cat from its mouth, the cat then tried jumping at the fence again, bounced back at the dog in my arms, jaws clamped, i again wrestled it free and this time it went up a tree.

Cats, not as clever as you may think!!
Cat used to come into garden quite a lot and tease my bull terriers, hoof it at great speed and leap garden fence leaving two very annoyed staffies attempting to head but their way through fence. One day cat misjudged its leap and bounced back onto two enraged staffies. It was not pleasant, but at least it was quick.

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