The Trump Presidency...

Ah yes, that fine institution with which everyone was satisfied with right up until "but Trump", when it became broken, corrupt, out of date and unacceptable.

That Electoral College?
I think most people agree that the system is a bit messed up, but they don't want to rock the boat. It's a convenient thing to blame on for the losing party.
Still not entirely sure what Trump has actually done to the economy
F-all? Apart from some cuts which do put some extra money to those concerned and cuts in regulations. Most of the current positive numbers are a continuity of the recovery from 2008 crisis. No one, and I do mean no one, can change the course of an economy this big in the course of a year or so. This is like a massive oil tanker which takes for ever to alter course. Trump's actual effect on the economy will be felt towards the end of his first term. That's when you can actually judge the performance.
As long as the economy chugs along good, people have jobs and are getting paid, other non-U.S. affairs don't really matter to your average Joe on the street. Most of the hand wringing is done by what your average person calls "the elite."
Yup, it is pretty easy to be isolated from the World here in flyover country..
1. If this is true then why do we have a deficit with the EU, and a surplus with non-EU trade. Because it is not a free-trade area in services. In goods it suits Germany very well indeed.
2. Thanks for the history lesson, most of which I was aware of. I am not, of course, advocating a return to feudalism or an end to borrowing, merely a cap on GDP% available to Government as an incentive to prioritise growth over spending.
As a pointed out : what you are advocating has been tried.
It failed every previous time.
What on earth makes you think it will work next time?
What is this strange"Growth" creature that you seem to be pinning your hopes on?

It that the same "Growth" that has averaged a few percentage points a year for most of the last century, except for rapidly industrialising third world nations like China? Most of which have exploited wage differentials to take manufacturing from First World nations?

How are you planning to grow?
Do tell.
Then send your cunning plan to
HM Treasury
C/o 11 Downing Street.
I should see someone about a possible growth mate, you are starting to sound hysterical.
I think most people agree that the system is a bit messed up, but they don't want to rock the boat. It's a convenient thing to blame on for the losing party.
Is there another way of ensuring that California, Texas, Florida, New York and Illinois don't end up running the show?


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Right. "the system has weathered reform attempts for more than two centuries"

That's some fine electoral college amendment work right there, Lou.

The point, which is so simple even you who likes to attempt to argue with everything and everyone has to concede, is that your comment that nobody complained until Trump showed up is about as true as the time I told your Mum not to worry as I would not cum in her mouth.
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