The Trump Presidency...

It seems you can't open a paper nowadays without yet another snowflake moaning about something or other.
Just today some head of an examination board reckons the Maths CGSE should be scrapped as it's too difficult for the "less abled" to pass. Isn't that what exams are supposed to be all about?

Anyhoo, a couple of vegan/veggie snowflakes were encountered on my recent holiday (one Brit and one American just to show how globalised they are now).
Going across in Club class with TUI, a vegan woman didn't want the veggie option (pasta with mushroom sauce) so the steward asked if she'd like a rice with tomato and cheese sauce. Oops, the cheese bit almost sent her into convulsions. OK, then, how about rice with just the tomato sauce? OK but she refused to have it heated in the same ovens the beef and chicken dishes were in (you get proper china plates in club).
Fine, she took a banana and a tangerine for her starters.
The next complaint was that her food was served after almost everyone else had finished eating. But she didn't want them heated at the same time as the beef and chicken so had to wait until they were done. Not very happy as if an aeroplane has a bank of ovens in which to heat everything.

Next was the American veggy. There was a Mexican buffet at the hotel which was brilliant. About 20 stalls with different items you could choose from. Salad bars, roasted root vegetables with palm, carrots and anything you could think of.
Nope, not happy as there was no fish option (there was a Mexican fish stew but not happy). Loads of tacos and tortillas you could stuff with a mega load of veggies if you wanted.
Hubby comes up with plate piled high with suckling pig, steaks, tortillas with pork and cheese, a very nice pasty (I had one) with corn pastry filled with pulled pork and cheese plus loads of the potato salad, other salads and veg.
She did nothing but moan while he stuffed his face and she wouldn't even try one of the 20 or so cakes and desserts on offer.

They then left and went to a fish restaurant where, I assume, he sat and watched her tuck into a mercury filled dorada or something.
Meanwhile, on Air Scotia

I wonder if a Trumpette would like to predict where his Administration will be on this little table? Or perhaps add some context to the figures?

Perhaps the Trumpettes can shed some light on these, what must surely be defamation, character assassinations by a snowflakeliberalmuslimlovingnut?

Vaccinations are bad.
Breaking News - tweet tonight from Trump - the newspapers in the USA are all now reporting that he was spied on (something the media desperately denied up until now!

Donald J. Trump

I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes - and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!

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