The Trump Presidency...

The Iran deal...

While Trump is saying its the worst deal the US has ever entered into, and is sounding like he is about ti walk away from it, the point he's missing is what happens if he walks away from it.

While it will leave the US looking like their word can't be trusted, what is more of an issue that if the Treaty is broken, Iran could recommence their Bomb programme "now" rather than in ten years time.

I watched Last Week Tonight with John Oliver last night - he utterly nails it IMO and has gleefully bought pro Paris accord ads to run in Fox's Hannity show - which is Trump's favourite by far.


the programme really is worth watching.

Last Week Tonight's John Oliver trolls Trump by buying Iran Nuclear Deal ads on Sean Hannity's show | Daily Mail Online
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Wyoming | Rancher Joe Simola, Laramie County Cowboy, Wyoming

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Mr Libby's conviction in 2007 was on four counts -
  1. Obstruction of Justice,
  2. Two counts of perjury,
  3. Making False statements.
I wonder why President Trump would wish to pardon someone with those convictions.......?

If you find it convincing that President Trump has been "gaslighting" his way to power, it seems a fair conclusion that he pardons one such person with similar convictions as a message to those who might rack up such convictions in the near future.
donald Chump will possibly look for a legal loophole of some sort whereby as POTUS he can pardon himself for any alleged wrongdoing in the past or in the future.

Pehaps Tony Blair will also seek such advcie if Chump manages to sort out his end of time.
Watching Trump grooming Macron. An odd bromance; a LOT of touching and it seems to be that Trump doesn't quite know how to deal with Macron, so has resorted to creepily inappropriate physical contact...

Trump flicks dandruff off visiting French leader Macron
Judging by the news stories, Mr President has had carnal knowledge of every woman in America so perhaps he fancies a change.

Alternatively, teenaged Donald always dreamed of banging his teacher. Now, at his age, touching Macron is as close as he's going to get to his fantasy without getting in to necrophilia.
It does seem to be a little patronising behaviour.

Trump is getting quite funny with his need to dominate.

Odd thing is moments after this was taken he had to snap "Stupid Question" at a reporter who asked about his "personal attorney" (the chap raided by federal officers, authorised by Trumps own appointees within the department).

I'd have loved to be a fly on the wall during the French working out how to play this bloke. They scored massively with getting him over for Bastille Day, so I am sure they wish to sustain the cognitive opening.
To me, its cliched "alpha male" dominance behaviour.

Macron spooked him (in my eyes) by putting his arm on Trump, hugging him, the Gallic kiss kiss... I bet nobody has ever done that to Trump before.
To me, its cliched "alpha male" dominance behaviour.
Ah yes, forgot the alpha males were back.

I miss this bloke. He was quite funny. In an unfathomable "how did you get there way"?
July will be interesting:
U.S. President Trump could visit Britain in July - Sky News
Donald Trump to visit UK in July, Sky sources say
I wonder who will be the first with a poll to say whether he should or should not attend :)
US President Donald Trump will visit the UK in mid-July, according to Sky sources.

Sky's senior political correspondent Beth Rigby revealed that a full announcement is expected in the next day or so.
Mr Trump was due to open the new US Embassy in London in February but cancelled the trip saying the building was too expensive and tweeting that he was not a "big fan" of the decision to move its location.
It has been reported that he told Prime Minister Theresa May at the World Economic Forum in Davos earlier this year that he would visit the UK this summer.

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