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The Trump Presidency...

That you are an overly emotional individual.

Should he threaten to kill his kids, no.

Can he kill their cell phones yes, can he cut off funding, yes he can.

Snitching is not great quality, and turning in family members is a great way to burn bridges for life. Of course you also seem to disagree as your society has turned snitching into an art.

So you agree with the Mafia virtue of omertà then.

Family members do crimes, don’t tell anyone. Are you a pikey too?
Would those be STEM degrees that are being offered or things like women’s studies?
You don't know what you're missing out on. The gender studies module on my course was the best one, because....reasons.

Mainly Reason number 1: Nicole, 33 from Plympton.
Alternatively, your bias is causing you to act for an apologist for Trump.

Just because Trump had the right to contest up until the EC vote it doesn’t mean he should.

You’re clutching at straws with your interpretation of the Georgia call, frankly.
Feasible, but that fails to take into account a couple of things:

Firstly, I have biases, which I acknokledge and therefore take every opportunity to review my decisions to ensure that I have understood both sides of the story.

Secondly, just because every presidential candidate who lost the vote conceded does not mean that was the only option. Every one of them had the option to argue the count on the night, but didn't (Well I think one did)

Thirdly, the Georgia call is a feasible interpretation of the words used, so "clutching at straws" has the same credibility as your interpretation that he urged whoever to fabricate votes.

Care to try again? Or just call me names?
If you take the time to carefully read the way presidential elections work inthe US, the election is not declared for one party over another until the electoral college confirms it in the house. So Trump was well within his rights to contest the numbers up to that point.
It's not about contesting the election, it's about him lying about fraud and trying to call the entire process into disrepute. Asking for a recount if the numbers are close enough is fine. Trump attempted to discredit the entire election process before it even started.
I think the problems of electric cars today are like the problems of the early horseless carriages. Despite all the people shouting "get a horse!", the problems were not inherently unsolvable, they just took time to solve before they could provide reliable and affordable transportation for the average person.
Probably quite correct. A couple of little differences though. In the change from horses and carriages there wasn’t a drive to get it done in a particular amount of time. It happened organically if you like. This is being driven in effectively a much shorter period.
Also in many places there was a vast amount of development of infrastructure going on at the same time. Towns and cities were being built and expanding, so the cost of that could be wrapped up in stuff that was already happening. This is maybe not the case so much today.
Finally the infrastructure required to operate a motor vehicle is not so connected as that for charging electric vehicles. You need to get oil, refine it, deliver it to filling stations and into cars. The stages are not interconnected in the same way as generating sufficient and delivering high voltage power to a charging station.

Edit to add: The change from horse to car would have been nowhere near as widespread as the change from fossil fuel to electric either. Back then the average Joe almost certainly did not own a horse and the progression of ownership of cars was very slow. Even into the 50s in the U.K. 80-90% of households did not own a car. Right now there are over 40 million cars on the road in the U.K. and people are very used to being able to use them at the drop of a hat.

The change to electric cars may be analogous with the change from horse to car but it’s a problem many times the magnitude, with a massive cost attached, huge disruption to integrate and being rammed in at a, imho, unrealistic speed.
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Whatever happened to hydrogen powered cars?
I thought an interesting piece on Channel 4 News last night. Some footage I had not seen before of the mob in the Capitol building which included a short segment of the raging loon in the bison hat with one of the coppers apparently acting like a guide. Also interview with the deputy ambassador to the UK giving some insight to the failings of Trump’s appointed ambassador.

Who used to be called Nicholas.
With the application of Chanel No 5, and a decent wet shave, you could only tell when she went to the loo and told me "to give it 5 minutes" when she came out.