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The Trump Presidency...

Those who have seen the gaff will get it...

For those that don't

Joe Biden and his team may regret that they didn’t keep a lid on this disastrous campaign.
During a small, poorly-attended campaign stop in Wiisoncisn, Biden, who is coming off as this really angry, out-of-control guy. It’s alarming to a lot of people, and doesn’t seem “normal.”
Biden got so heated up and flustered that he started speaking gibberish.
During his remarks, Biden began shouting rather loudly and said that he has a plane to lead an effective strategy to mobilize “trunalimunumaprzure.”
Just to get a couple of things off my chest:

1. See thats the thing, born and bred Americans seem to think that the USA has the monopoly on free thought and free speech.

Shock news: You don't.

The 1st Amendment gives no more rights than the right to freedom of speech and expression in Euro-land. There are no more vans full of thought police driving around the UK than there are in the USA. And then there is the quiet ear of the NSA which seems to be forever building bigger data storage facilites to be able to store all the copied emails and recorded phone calls.

2. I have been called a, "fcuking communist" here in the USA, by someone who has a PhD., he just about spat the words in my face. The reason was that I was in a group and was asked about medical care in the UK and was explaining how it worked, he was not comfortable with the fact that in the UK there is what Americans quaintly call "social medicine". To him, this hyper intelligent PhD. personage, that equated to communism.

Sadly, no! What it equates to is a govt that had the balls to stand up to the medical mafia in 1948 and create a system of medical care that was available to all. A bit like at the moment in the USA where there is absolutely no regulation, or control, over medical costs, or pharmaceutical costs - in fact probably the last "civilised" country on the planet where there is no regulation covering what Dr.'s and pharmaceutical companies may charge. That was all sorted out in euro-land many years ago with regulation and govt cost controls making medical care affordable to everyone.

Whereas in the USA the individual pays medical insurance to a for profit insurance company in the UK the payment is built into National Insurance (social security) and income tax. The fact that the govt controls the healthcare means they can negotiate huge discounts and control the costs levied by the pharma companies.

Americans who spit on the NHS should look inwards to their own system. The VA system is no different to the NHS, effectively neither is the Federal Health benefits system, or the health benefits system offered to the employees of States and cities within the US.
Cracking post, which will probably annoy some..

I noted some time ago a lot of US citizens are unable to even consider the possibility that a way of life other than theirs can be perfectly fine.

Spot on re the NHS, plus they think we miss having a Second Amendment and think that the Gubmint is sbout to lock us all up.

The thought that we get along fine without open carry is a difficult concept...
Not bovvered thenAhh I see, Now you claim you, and only, read and speak for disseminating my posts, pis off grac.

The video wasn't aimed at just you, so stop the weak responses., I have always been critical of the CCP and anybody questioning your idiotic words only has to search my history on it. I've been consistent on it.

Tinfoil you say?
inventive you say?

Why did you post a video from 2014, are you a dinosaur, or is that all your search engine could find for you?
Next, you will be telling us Chinese tech firms including software are good companies and has the best

interests of the users and our governments at heart.
Are you aware of the big data war happening right now?
I had a demo from DarkTrace last year, A UK firm run by ex spooks that place data analysis hardware in the loop of your company, That tells you a lot about how the data is getting out, it's not just hardware, it's software, and software leaves traces, Mobile data in corporate networks being the biggest risk.

You could just say right now, would rather America and five eyes had your back or the Chinese.
Its appears to me you are making excuses for the CCP by taking the old, oh look bad America.
Of course, you could just be attacking me, which is fine, I'll bite for you princess.

Salinus Desperatus Graculus

Of course, Rolling Stone magazine, damn I'm so blind.
Maybe I should watch Entertainment Hollywood to get the scoop on the latest developments on the ground situation in Northern Iraq too eh crac!


PS - I did read it, do you really think they have the full story ;)
Not bovvered then? So not bovvered that you've gone into making shit up overdrive warp factor Athletico Pathectico.

Guy who post links Youtube channels tinfoil various and other bollocks question legitimacy of Rolling Stone - home of the drug fuelled genius who was Hunter S...

FFS, they don't do conspiracy loons like they used to.


Well @labrat it wold seem that you took the Carlson's Hunter docs hook, line, sinker, fishing rode, fisherman, and boat.

Compare you analysis of what happened to what I think happened and who was closer to the truth. They found it on the floor and a guy put it on his supervisors desk. And it was not documents it was a thumb drive (simple to copy but they didn't do that, I wonder why).

One would think that UPS had a word in Fox's legal team's shell like and said something like, sort Carlson out or you will be having an interview without coffee in court.

But all is good in the world now we have found it. Carlson will now publish posthaste those damming documents.

Or not.

It's funny how the only one who was pushing the Hunter case was Carlson as all the other grown up realised it was mostly fabricated. And what do we learn today, yep, mostly made up buy a person who doesn't exist.

But then again your gullible so we shouldn't expect too much from you when it comes to facts and accuracy.

By the way do you still want those photos of Trump using a teleprompter?


DS plans for the election and afterwards and the countermeasures taken.

Btw X22Report was one of the channel's purged from YouTube. I wonder why?

Troll munches on sale now, get your troll munches to feed the silly trolls. Free packet with every ten bags.


War Hero
This is Archbishop Vigano's third letter to President Trump. If you want to read it here is a link:

Archbishop Viganò’s powerful letter to President Trump: Eternal struggle between good and evil playing out right now

But if you want it read with a slight digression in to theology to clarify some of the references here it is:

The Archbishop understands very well what the real battle is; this is not about Left v Right but Good v Evil. What is stunning about his letter is he calls out Pope Francis for being what he is, a globalist cabal pope betraying The Church. I suspect President Trump already knows about Francis and what he has been up to.
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Not bovvered then? So not bovvered that you've gone into making shit up overdrive warp factor Athletico Pathectico.

Guy who post links Youtube channels tinfoil various and other bollocks question legitimacy of Rolling Stone - home of the drug fuelled genius who was Hunter S...

FFS, they don't do conspiracy loons like they used to.


You should share a stage with Joe

RSM was the home of many, good and bad, including a fatal fake rape story that they never recovered from.
The point I was trying to make is Rolling stone is a culture rag, A Hollywood style opinion piece. not security.

Turn on the TV if want a glimpse at conspiraloons without a compass.
Respect is a two way street....... Sneering at your neighbours and having difficulty with another persons rights, is always a recipe for division and you are about as divisive as they're come, but run a close second to graculus.
On the US, both sides of the divide are complicit in abuse, but I've never seen a winner like Trump be cast as illegitimate by the mainstream media, before even his presidency had started and that was an escalation too far, in my view and the repercussions will last for decades.

IF Biden wins, what we will see is CNN and many others, talking up the healing of the divide in the US and the pressure on the Republicans, to restore the party to RINO control will be very heavy, but fail miserably, because the republican vote is now a block at odds with the mainstream and when Biden fails, either mentally or politically and the grand anti-trump alliance collapses, you may not like the future, as Trump at heart was always a lot less ideological and was progressive on most of his policies.

You should share a stage with Joe

RSM was the home of many, good and bad, including a fatal fake rape story that they never recovered from.
The point I was trying to make is Rolling stone is a culture rag, A Hollywood style opinion piece. not security.

Turn on the TV if want a glimpse at conspiraloons without a compass.
I find Bidens campaign astonishingly negative, because every other sentence is about Trump and he has no direction other than removing Trump and then cranking up the money presses.

What worries me most, is China growing in ascendency and will absolutely love an indebted US inwardly divided and desperate to stimulate any growth, so a return to international trade and the US real economy will continue to weaken.
"The fact that a pandemic may or may not be occurring".

You're nailing your colours to the batshit mast.
The mask issue is divisive. On Monday the county will attempt to implement one. The protests started last night at the Capitol, and will continue every Friday until the order is lifted. The Pandemic is a fact of life. But another lockdown is out of the cards, the masses won’t support it here.
Missing from Political Polling, three groups stand out for Trump:-
1. Shy Trump Voters - unknown number and lying to pollsters about intentions due to avoidance.
2. Low Propensity Voters -
Who are completely off the radar, if you haven't voted in the past three elections, you don't appear in the sample.
3. Conspiracy types - In both 1 and 2, you have a minority, who believe the pollster is the big state and enjoy actively lying for laughs, by claiming themselves democrat. (Think when indian fraudsters ring you up and some people wind up the caller).

The better polling firms like IBD/TIPP, have clearly a good sample of 2016 voters and the current Biden lead, really is 6-7 points on known voters..... The problem for Biden, is the democrats and RINOs have made the election into an identity and ideological battle and that brings out the three groups above.

Big Margin:-
Group 1/3: - Rasmussen/Trafalgar claim to have mined a couple of points swing from Biden.
Group 2 - Have the weight and if the republicans can mobilise them, for this election, then you could see some hefty and surprising swings.

To avoid violence we probably want either the Trump Big Margin win, or the polls are bang on the money, as the idiots need uncertainty to mobilise the dumb.

1. There will be shy Trump voters. There will also be shy Biden voters in the fly-over states. Neither you or I know the numbers. So don’t add them into your ‘analysis’.

2. This has nothing to do with the polls.

2. This is just another form of point #1, and if you think they only work in Trump’s favour you’ve obviously forgotten why he hates TikTok so much...




You should share a stage with Joe

RSM was the home of many, good and bad, including a fatal fake rape story that they never recovered from.
The point I was trying to make is Rolling stone is a culture rag, A Hollywood style opinion piece. not security.

Turn on the TV if want a glimpse at conspiraloons without a compass.
For the deaf amongst you

My sister and her family in California is having a similar experience with dentists. Lots to choose from and all of them up selling and competing but charging and arm and a leg for treatment that would be free (or sub $1000). Even though they have good healthcare they always seem to be paying thousands of dollars in excess for dental.

Having worked at a US company for 9 years and been in daily meetings with my US counterparts , healthcare was always a hit topic. Something will need to happen in the US to fix the healthcare inequality. An NHS style system could be an possible solution, but it would take someone like Trump who is willing to disrupt a system to implement improvements to do it. I don't think Biden or Harris have the guts.
Saunders would, Warren might of.

Biden says he will, I hope he does, but we’ll see. Remembering he was with Obama when they tried to bring in Obamacare.

At the very least it needs the govt to set pricing controls. At the moment when I walk into a Docs office they ask who my insurer is, then they get out the pricing ledger and see which one of the 15 different prices for the same visit applies to my policy. Locally where I am the price range for the same MRI can vary from $750 to $6000 depending on which insurer you have and which provider you go to.
Another good call by the Trump admin that gets no coverage...

You can't imagine why, can you?
Just to give you a fact check from someone who paid for healthcare extras in the UK:

Medical: I had BUPA in the UK for many years. When I left the UK it was costing me 150 quid a month to cover a family of 4.

On arriving in the USA BUPA offered to cover us with International insurance for 12 months. That cost me $1500 a month.

Dentists: Well, I had a root canal and crown done in the UK at my posh private dentist in Towcester and she charged me 350 quid.

Less than 12 months later I had another crown done in the USA and that cost $1200. I also needed a root canal doing along with that and I had to go and visit an endodontist to do the root canal as apparently your every day run of the mill dentist here in the US is incapable of doing a simple root canal. He charged $1000.

So 350 quid compared to $2200.

Braces? We took the daughter along to a dentist for braces in the UK and were quoted just under 2K. But, as we were moving to the US he advised we wait until we arrived here as with braces there is the need for regular follow up checks and adjustments.

The dentist in the US wanted $6K, the insurance paid half.

General treatment 1. There is a flying instructor here who went to his dentist and was quoted nearly $8K for the work he needed doing. What? So he put it off. He happened to be down in Costa Rica doing some teaching and a local told him to pop into a local dentist. He did, and he was told that he could have the work done for less than $2K, so he had it done.

General treatment 2. There was a talky bit on BBC Radio 1 around a year before i came over to the US where they were chatting with a chap in Bristol. The reason they were chatting with him was that he lived in the US, but he used to fly back to the UK if he needed treatment, check ups he had in the US, but treatment in the UK. He reckoned that if he needed any major work doing the visit over to the UK paid for itself and he got to visit friends and family.

Lets just re-visit medical treatment: For my cervical disc replacement operation I was quoted $150,000 in the USA. Of that I would have had to have paid $30,000 out of my own pocket. That would have been for the procedure only, the insurers would not have paid for any time spent in the hospital.

I went to Germany where the procedure was invented and perfected. From leaving my house, including the flight there in premium, rail fare in Germany, the operation, 24hrs intensive care (mandatory), 6 days in hospital, 10 days in a 5 star hotel (special offer), business class flight home it cost less than $25K, all in.

Additionally, the American Dr had only done the op some 100 - 150 times compared to the German Doc who has done the op a couple of thousand times.

So cheaper, more comprehensive service, with a better qualified Doc.

As for wait times: I have never managed to see a specialist in less than a couple of weeks even here in the US where I am paying for the privelege.

And, when the covid shit is all done I am going back to Germany for another treatment - which is also cheaper than the US.
bUt deR NhS are EvUL
Tenner says the count drags on for weeks.
It's going to be a media-induced shitstorm, The media likes to call out foreign interference, which there is, but not on the scale that they pull it off week-on-week.
I also put my money on a concerted effort to mislead the public by them and their cohorts in social media. Hopefully, the current senate hearings will produce some wing clipping for the Big tech bosses abusing section 230, they certainly have all eyes on them now.

It'll be a Trump induced shitstorm.
The lizard won't even say if he'd accept the vote and leave the White House if it went against him.

Oh no, I have dental insurance. But, as you know dental policies only have a given annual payout value. Mine is around $1500 - $2000 annually, every time I visit the dentist the cost of the treatment is taken off the remaining balance. I like to know what I am paying for treatment through my insurance provider because at the end of the day I am the customer.

We could discuss that at length sometime.

I have lived in the USA so therefore I do not legally qualify for free NHS treatment in the UK, neither do you.

I can afford it so I went to Germany to see the people who invented the procedure, are the best at the procedure, and teach the procedure to all the other Docs around the planet.

I worked it out once that it was costing the highest national insurance payer around 65 quid a month for them and their family to benefit from the NHS.

TBH for a capitalist system where Dr.s are charging a fortune for their time and comparatively limited experience the customer care and handling is shite, and to be honest absolutely no better than most small town NHS hospitals. I used to use the private Three Shires Hospital, Northampton, the Spire Hospital in Leicester, and the Spire Hospital in Harpenden. I was an experienced user of private medicine before I arrived in the USA and I am sadly disappointed by what is on offer here. Somewhere I even have a letter sent to me by the world famous (their description, not mine) may0 Clinic telling me never to darken their door again.

The May0 incident was a fcuk up from start to finish. I had a 14.00hrs appointment for which I arrived early, in fact early enough to have lunch before hand. I reported for my appointment half an hour before it was due and I was told that the Dr was not on site that day and I would be seeing another Dr. At 17.30hrs. Imagine how impressed I was, I asked them why they had not phoned to re-schedule, blank looks all around on their side.

When I eventually got to see the substitute Dr., (remember a Dr in the world famous may0 Clinic) at 17.45hrs he wandered in with my file in his hand and asked me how my tennis elbow was. Funnily enough I was there for a problem with the middle finger of my right hand, not tennis elbow - I pointed this out to him. Anyway, at the end of the consult he tells me his assistant will call to arrange a time for the procedure. Next day I get a call (remember I want a procedure on the middle finger of my right hand) to arrange a time for the procedure on the ring finger of my left hand.

I used lots of short four letter words calling the Dr.'s competence into doubt and mentioned things like reporting him to the State medical board. A couple of days later I received a signed for, Fedex delivered letter telling me to stay away from the May0 for life.

Then there was the senior whatever they call consultants in the US who was going to take an ultrasound guided biopsy from a suspect growth in my thyroid. He couldn't even prepare a sterile field properly, I told him to do it again properly or fcuk off because he was not going to stick potentially contaminated needles into me. He played the big important Dr. so I got up off the op table in my gown, told him to fcuk off and walked out to get changed.

You see @SOCALSapper I spent a year receiving medical training in two UK hospitals and a couple of other places. I know what a good Dr looks like and I still know what some of the basic procedures look like, so I don't take shit or poor drills from these overcharging *********. Add to that the fact that the Mrs does HR and has been responsible for negotiating the entire corporate healthcare insurance for a couple of financial companies here in the US (she is actually going through the annual process at the moment). The high level brokers and providers she deals with have taught her a few tricks about US healthcare provision - I won't say system, because there is no system.

I like living in the US, but unless the medical system changes to something better by the time I retire I shall be buggering off to Spain, or the South of France. I don't want to pay everything I have tucked away to some Dr. if I get ill in old age, and lets be honest, in the USA the main reason for personal bankruptcy is medical costs. And, by medical costs I don't just mean people who do not have insurance, we have a reasonably good policy so we are fine, but other people have policies where they have to pay a significant % of the cost out of their own pockets. For example, a chap I knew in Florida had to be taken to the emergency room at late o'clock with terrible pains. Turned out he had a kidney stone, he was kept in for a couple of days and it cost his insurer $35K. Luckily his wife had started a new job the week before which provided 100% cover, the week before and he would have been paying 50% of that out of his own pocket.

An over expensive capitalist system that allows insurers to cherry pick and deny service and payment at will is fine when you are young and healthy and can afford insurance. You know I laughed at a lawyer who deigned to talk down to me when I was collecting my kids from school in Florida. He made the same noises as you are about US healthcare and people should pay for their care and if they can't pay "tough". Yup, I laughed at him 6 months later when he was bleating about being laid off in the knock on effect of 2008 and how would he be able to pay for his healthcare, blah, blah, blah. He was happily snotting on the people underneath him, but he should have taken notice of the fact that sat on his high horse gave him a long way to fall.

The system needs to change, I ain't gonna pay $1500 a month insurance to maybe, perhaps, possibly see a Dr once every couple of months when I retire.


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