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The Trump Presidency...

Unless dead people and people with no right to vote are included in the number in your post, I have to wonder where they are going to get the extra 468,800,000 Americans from.

Its BabylonBee hehe, that's why I said don't laugh.

But seriously, Don't laugh if this type of scenario happens, heads will explode!

Something tells me Kamala is sitting with her fingers, toes and dirty piss flaps crossed on this one.
We might need a separate thread for this, see how it goes.
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Fair enough though I confess to not knowing what BabylonBee is having never seen it.

Hey it's okay man, no need to post a link to it.
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Right that's me then. Star Trek has been posted up and I'm away to watch it Have fun kids.
Well you young folks crack on then if it does come to that. Me I'm too old, tired and busy enjoying life to worry about trivialities such as foaming at the mouth brain dead trying to do each other in.
I somehow doubt you’re in a wheel chair digging your dying hole.
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Journalism is dead...Citizens to the mic!

"You are discrediting yourselves" - Donald J Trump, 60 Minutes interview.
NZ prime minister, minimal deaths of covid due in part to early lock down, mainly due to being miles away from other countries and having a population the same size as Scotland whilst being 3 x bigger in land mass...
That, and having a PM who wasn't an utter twat.
As a rule, most of us are instinctively wary of activism (part of our innate risk balancing mechanism) and will approach it under normal circumstances with scepticism, especially the older and wiser we get. What changes the dynamic is the fear factor, where a new and unknown threat causes a shift in our risk calculus.

This is something activists and revolutionaries have played on for centuries. What they constantly seek is a crisis which alters public threat perception sufficiently that "the masses" will accept the more extreme view pedalled by the activists and bring them power. Once in power, the same threat is then used as the vehicle for enabling action which cements the activists in power.

What must be exquisitely painful for Western progressive activists at the moment is that we have just such a crisis when in the main they are out of power, so cannot reach the levers. Again, why so many progressive and opposition movements are weaponizing COVID to weaken the sitting libertarian/national leaderships, and why the US elections are so important to them in this respect....
It's an interesting perspective, and with hind sight (and more than a dash of the impudent in me) if a number of the latest cause celebre had foreseen covid, would we have seen so much of a push from say BLM, transgender rights or even the same sex marriage fraternity as a way to lead to a change in the way things are governed?

Each of these causes has in its time striven to depict the current systems of government as oppressive or designed for a particular set of middle aged straight men that must be over thrown, but has been unsuccessful in forcing real change, yet along comes a virus and all of a sudden every western nation is baying for the blood of it's ruling elite because they dared stop them going down the pub.
Darwin endorses Trump

One month? That’s a hell of an incubation employee showed fever/mild symptoms after 24 hours. 24 later he was better ( except lack of smell/taste and a bit tired.