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The Trump Presidency...

It has to be said, the pro-Trump/anti-Biden waffle on this thread does seem to have gone up a notch or two recently. It's almost as if the Trumpettes and trolls seem to realise he's got the skids under him.
IF trump does win, do you have your local suicide hotline # at hand when you feel all is lost?
You do understand if the aggregate of polls is carrying too many sample errors, then yours and 538s mean is too low and the 12 and now 8 point lead is a statistical error and complete fiction ?

In actuality; I suspect the polling mean is around 3% too low and Trump is probably on 48% and Biden 49%. With an expectant swing of at least 1-3% more for trump going into the next week. I would put some money on it, but the bloody bookies seem to grasp probability and assumptions of bias in left leaning pollsters, more than you.
I am going with enthusiasm, polls suck, has anybody seen even one, well attended, enthusiastic, democrat rally? No there haven't been any. Trump is getting 15000-20000 people turning out twice a day....even in California ffs.
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IF trump does win, do you have your local suicide hotline # at hand when you feel all is lost?
I have a stock of popcorn and cider is going to be epic.
Based Trump team.

An unbelievable display of just how fecking biased and deceptive the media is today.

They literally took the words away from Biden's mouth and used them to misquote and firmly place out of context Trump.'s comments.

the worst part, Lyin Biden actually peddled it during a debate.

"many fine people"

From the amazon bestseller, its here.

Just watched it, history awaits and it's not going to be kind.
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2016 proved you enabled a lie, and you are still doing it.
I feel sorry for him.
He has no clue.

I feel sorry for him.
He has no clue.

Haha, there's more tumbleweeds in the immediate area than there are people - and 95% of the people are the TV crew and security guards........There's literally no people going to Bidens rallies, which is funny and sad at the same time.
On the other hand Trumps rallies are packed out. How can any of these left wing polls be trusted when all the evidence points to a Trump landslide?



Vengeance, or revenge are primordial emotions unique to humans, as is Schaudenfreude and for Mercy, I see the left and far right as people ideologically possessed and to be pitied, as generally you reap what you sow.
Some people seem to let their brains get taken over, or as you say, "possessed" by an "ideology". Then they cannot be reasoned with. No matter what you say to them, they won't respond in a rational way. This might have a physical, organic cause. Like Parkinson's Disease, or senile dementia.


Any news on the vaccine that Trump said would be available by November. Or is he now pinning his hopes on it going away on the 4th Nov.

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