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The Trump Presidency...

The problem with these would-be revolutionaries is that if they ever did get into an actual civil war, one in which they cant kick, scream, abuse diners, smash windows or call for help, and get shot at with rifle-fire, shot guns, shrapnel, or worse by people that hate their guts - would simply overload them.

A real civil war is one in which you cant just go home and sleep it off in your own soft bed with your jimjams on and protest again tomorrow after you catch up on game of thrones. The first time one of these leftists sees actual dead, their own mutilated friends hanging from a tree, their homes smashed and pillaged, their innocent little brother ... you know, all the things that happen in ACTUAL CIVIL WARS, they will abandon their lunacy and accept utter defeat.

You're talking about the softest, most coddled generation in the history of the human race. All of those from 1980 onwards who have known nothing but toys, video games, 'sports', rap-music, central heating, two cars, foreign holidays, clean comfy beds, collecting Pokemon, netflix and and on and on and on and on. People who can't even change a ******* tire thinking they can wage war and 'win'.

Today's liberals literally have no clue how horribly this would actually play out in reality. They have been pumped so full of bullshit, they think "War" and "Revolutions" are what you see in the films and TV, and it will be this fun thing that happens over 2 seasons of episodes.

Like it or not, that applies to most of both sides.


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Except Biden is going to be pressed to pack the Supreme Court and turn DC and Puerto Rico into states. Thus giving the Dems default political power in the country permanently. The XL is adamant about that, but they don’t seem to understand the Red States will kick off bigly.
Packing the court can go both ways. If the dems do it, nothing can stop the GOP as well and next thing you know we have 500 Justices of the SCOTUS
Packing the court can go both ways. If the dems do it, nothing can stop the GOP as well and next thing you know we have 500 Justices of the SCOTUS
Yes, but it has had 9 Justices since 1869. So packing the court will just de legitimize the whole institution.

But I bet the Dems are regretting their actions in 2013. Had they not gone retard the 60 vote threshold would still be in force and a more moderate judge would be the only one who could be seated.
Read that again.
You are just praising a collection of violent gun obsessed Cletuses because they have spent more money on the ability to kill their fellow citizens.
You really have no idea of just how sick you are.
Sounds like how the empire came to be
Taxes are back
I would hazard a guess that each of the Americans on this thread paid more in federal income taxes than Trump in 10 of the past 15 years.

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I'm not jealous of someone who finds a way to legally pay less taxes
I agree with you!

Anyone with any common sense would pay less tax if they could - the less the better. If you knock someone for paying less than you, it just shows that you are jealous of them. Envy is one of the seven sins in the Bible, get over it you reprobates & come in to the light. Praise the lord, hallelujah!
If you can claim the exemptions legally, yes

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Didn’t he donate his salary too? And the business is being run by his family.

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