The Trump Presidency...

Trying to make America Great Again by hiring only the BEST people.

President Chump taps controversial German ambassador Richard Grenell to oversee all 17 intelligence agencies, despite having no experience in intelligence.

The largest German newspaper said this of him: ‘Grenell is vain, narcissistic, he dishes out aggressively but can barely handle criticism. His brash demeanor hides a deep insecurity. Grenell knows little about Germany and Europe, and that his knowledge of the subject matter is superficial.'”

Multiple German and other European officials have called Grenell’s diplomatic efforts as a “disaster,” and even Trump allies were concerned by his elevation to the intelligence chief.

“They could not remember an ambassador who was more ill-equipped to hold down an important post than this guy, who plays a clown on social media.
In order to circumvent the Senate approval process Grenell will only be 'acting' director which presumably means he will be acting on Chumps whims and daily fantasies.
I wonder if Trump might have set him on to make himself look good*?

*slightly less completely and utterly grossly incompetent.
Yet another TRUMP associate gets a jail sentence.
Roger Stone Gets 40 months in Prison for Trump Cover-Up.

“He was not prosecuted, as some have complained, for standing up for the president,” Jackson said. “He was prosecuted for covering up for the president.”

The judge said he would be allowed to remain free while he requests a new trial, pursues other legal options, and sucks orange ass to get a pardon from the swamp filler in Chief.
Only the best.
Speaking of hiring the best, remember these guys who were all hired and fired by Trump.
the Staple Genius who knows more about everything than anyone.

I can't help but think he doesn't help the military vote by calling his Generals 'Losers & Dumb as rocks.' who are generally respected by the troops but that's just my way of thinking, the truppits will put their usual spin on it.

I wonder what this famed General would say about the current animosity.

It ain't just the UK that are going the Huawei route.

Why do so many countries prefer not to buy US for their future-critical infrastructure?
The advice is here:

As well as the Huawei specific section, I draw your attention to section 9.f.i through 9.f.iii

This section applies as much to the USA as to China.
Trump sacks intelligence director after congress is warned Russia wants to see him re-elected. Full link

A senior US intelligence official told lawmakers last week that Russia wants to see president Donald Trump re-elected, viewing his administration as more favourable to the Kremlin's interests, according to people who were briefed on the comments.

After learning of that analysis, which was provided to House of Representatives lawmakers in a classified hearing, Mr Trump erupted at his acting director of national intelligence, Joseph Maguire, in the Oval Office, perceiving him and his staff as disloyal for speaking to congress about Russia's perceived preference.

The shake-up at the top of the intelligence community is the latest in a post-impeachment purge. Mr Trump has instructed aides to identify and remove officials across the government who aren't defending his interests, and he wants them replaced with loyalists.

The official, Shelby Pierson, said several times during the briefing that Russia had “developed a preference” for Mr Trump, according to a US official familiar with her comments. That conclusion was part of a broader discussion on election security that also touched on when the US government should warn Democratic candidates that they were being targeted by foreign governments.

The New York Times first reported on the conclusion that Russia wants to help the president in 2020.

Trump erroneously believes that Ms Pierson had given the assessment exclusively to Representative Adam Schiff, Democrat for California.

Trump learned about Ms Pierson's remarks from Representative Devin Nunes, Republican for California.

Members on both sides participated, including ranking member Nunes, and heard the exact same briefing from experts across the intelligence community,” the committee official said. “No special or separate briefing was provided to one side or to any single member, including the chairman.”

Officials at the agencies insist they have carried on the tradition of providing the president and his top aides with unvarnished information not infected by politics or policy agendas.
It is quite funny that a week which contained his most compliant AG effectively saying "Stop making it so hard for me to cover things up by making it obvious", by saying "I have the right to cover up anything I want" " ends with his getting rid of a Senior Intelligence Officer in a ill-thought out fit of temper.

Trump erroneously believed that Pierson had given the assessment exclusively to Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee

Trump learned about Pierson’s remarks from Rep. Devin Nunes (Calif.), the committee’s ranking Republican and a staunch Trump ally, said one person familiar with the matter.

And one of Nune's aides just got a job too:

Trump's assault on anything approaching professional intelligence is quite entertaining.

President Trump has already made it clear that he does not respect or value intelligence. He labels any information that he doesn’t want to hear as fake news, and intelligence professionals as disloyal or part of a “deep state.”....

More substantively, Trump has failed to accept overwhelming evidence from his intelligence community that Russia was behind the devastating attack on our election in 2016. Trump has also recently tweeted that “there is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea,” and has asserted, nonsensically, that Canada is a national security threat to the U.S. He tends to reject information that doesn’t benefit him personally or fit into his jaundiced and shallow worldview.

How's it going Vlad, OK?

Trump sacks intelligence director after congress is warned Russia wants to see him re-elected. Full link

A senior US intelligence official told lawmakers last week that Russia wants to see president Donald Trump re-elected, viewing his administration as more favourable to the Kremlin's interests, according to people who were briefed on the comments.
Apparently russia is also doing the same for Bolshevik Bernie Sanders-
Yeah but whataboutry is on the rise again, how surprising.
Record levels under Trump!

Making Denial Great Again.

Oops, looks like the Democrats have their own Russian problem :grin: :grin: :grin:

In case you had not notice, Russia is the problem.

It's just a desperation of trying not to see the beam in one's own eye whilst pointing out the splinter in another....

But still, we should have a nice report. That will get mostly ignored. That'll solve it.
Oh I see, trump is not allowed to pardon or commute a sentence even though EVERY other US POTUS has also done so?

by the way he pardoned a democrat isnt that something you lot would say he would never do?
But why these guys and why now? It's very, very hard to believe that's coincidental.
So white-collar crime is apparently no longer crime? That's worked well in SA, I wonder how it will pan out in the USA...Christ.

I think the Master Loan Defaulter and Stiffer In Chief might have more than a passing interest in downplaying white collar crime.

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