The Trump Presidency...

Oh dear, still I'm sure one of his fans can explain this away
US Ambassadors serve totally at the pleasure of the President. As such trump has total legal right to fire ANY Ambassador for any reason he so chooses, just as EVERY other president has had.

Maybe the UK is different, but US ambassadors are usually of 2 background factions

Professional foreign service officers elevated to Ambassadorships


the Bulk are usually Donors or friends/cronies of the current president.

Joseph Kennedy Sr. was a MAJOR donor to FDR so got a Ambassadorship. when he ran his mouth too much in favor of Hitler he was recalled and quietly told to submit his resignation

Oh dear, still I'm sure one of his fans can explain this away
If I am following the clip correctly "get her out tomorrow" actually transpires to her being replaced a years later?
Not exactly lighting fast response times from the WH.
Many of the claims in that attachment are clearly false and hyperbole put out by the White House. I don't have a problem with that because every politician does it.

To note a few: It wasn't the biggest tax reform in history.

It wasn't the biggest military increase in history, the military hasn't been completely rebuilt or even seen these magnificent new weapons yet.

The trade deals are not the most historic deals the world has ever seen, the tariffs are being paid by you the citizens of America.

Repeal and replace hasn't been accomplished and isn't even being worked on by the Senate.

The wall wasn't and never will be paid for by Mexico.

The tax cuts he promised for the middle and lower class in 2018 never materialized.

The historic and greatest peace plan in the history of the world that was going to be announced two years ago is just about to be unfolded this week without a single Palestinian in attendance and has already been dismissed by the Arab League has unworkable,

North Korea is closer to having a nuclear arsenal than ever before despite the greatest deal makers promise.

and finally, the count of lies and mis-spoken untruths has surpassed the SIXTEEN THOUSAND mark.

Most normal people see through the hyperbole and recognize bullshit when they see it and dismiss it as such but his base see him as some kind of almighty genius Any clown can walk into a surging economy and claim credit for the continuing growth and it was very easy to install a policy of "Everything Obama did undo it."
It also lacks references to where the data actually comes from.
I received a "dumb" from an Anonymous American for a post on the previous page so I went back to check the accuracy of my post - it is 100 percent accurate and therefore I believe the "dumb" was an agreement that President Trump is indeed a dumb orange fcuktard.

Thanks AY:-D
It also lacks references to where the data actually comes from.
I believe it was released just prior to the Mueller report the data came from the White House as a positive talking point without any back up.
This is all you need to know about the timing of Chumps hysterical PEACE PLAN.
Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu was indicted on corruption charges while in Washington for the unveiling of Trump's Mideast peace plan.

President Trump is going through an impeachment trial in Washington D.C for the unveiling of Trump's Mideast peace plan.
Chump whines about being mocked on twatter,

George Conway fired back pointing out that the president has indeed never shown any aptitude for geography — and listed off some of his most well-known and mocked blunders:

A thread for those who think -@realDunceChump could find Ukraine on a marked map:

— George Conway (.) January 28, 2020

.-@realDunceChump thinks Belgium is a city, albeit a pretty one. — George Conway (.) January 28, 2020

.-@realDunceChump seems to think Paris is in Germany. (It kind of was for a few years in the 1940s, I guess.) — George Conway (.) January 28, 2020

.-@realDunceChump thinks there are countries on this planet called “Nipple” and “Button.” (Do NOT, under any circumstances, ask him to point them out. PLEASE.)— George Conway (.) January 28, 2020

Also, -@realDunceChump didn’t understand that when it’s the afternoon in Washington, it’s the middle of the night in Tokyo — George Conway (.) January 28, 2020

In a meeting with leaders from the *Baltic* states, -@realDunceChump thought he was talking to people from the *Balkans*. (No, seriously. This created quite a stir in diplomatic circles.)— George Conway (.) January 28, 2020

I have to say that really is my personal favorite. -@realDunceChump is there trashing the presidents of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia for the breakup Yugoslavia, and they’re like, WTF. And then it dons on them—Balkans, Baltics … buffoon. — George Conway (.) January 28, 2020

Don’t forget that beautiful border wall -@realDunceChump is building between Colorado and Mexico.
— George Conway (.) January 28, 2020

Oh, wait. A small correction. -@realDunceChump thought Nipple and Button were in India, not separate countries. My bad—we all make mistakes. Sorry. — George Conway (.) January 28, 2020

.-@realDunceChump once bombed Syria but thought he bombed Iraq. — George Conway (.) January 28, 2020

.-@realDunceChump once got a call from the president of *South* Korea, but then told hundreds of journalists that he’d gotten a call from the leader of *North* Korea. — George Conway (.) January 28, 2020

“After I had won, everybody was calling me from all over the world. I never knew we had so many countries.”
-@realDunceChump — George Conway (.) January 28, 2020

.-@realDunceChump once told the prime minister of India, “It’s not like you’ve got China on your border.” (India has a 2,520-mile border with China.) — George Conway (.) January 28, 2020

.-@realDunceChump has to be told in 2018 that Ireland isn’t part of the U.K. …— George Conway (.) January 28, 2020 … yet made the mistake again in 2019.

And just a few days ago, -@realDunceChump earned global mockery when met with the president of *Iraqi* Kurdistan but thought he was taking to someone from *Syria*. — George Conway (.) January 28, 2020
I suspect there's something else he couldn't find either. Even if he used both hands...
Yep. You can imagine the conversations.
Great moment for that fire crew. Something they will remember. It's a nice human touch.
It's not every day you get to meet the Russian charge d'affaires.
C'mon then, whos going to post the news first...
Don’t tell me Nicholas Parsons is dead!
Na, well there i was watching the muh-peachment, then in the breaks it goes to California, some big murder thing, back to peach-mints, over to Trump and some peace deal in ME, then back to peach-mints, then to New Jersey, 100k flooding the streets for a huuuuge Trump rally, then to Biden speaking to a living room muttering about firemen and Trump, now back to Cali for a high speed chase: OJ style. Hopefully back to peaches soon, they are on a break.

LOL somebody ion the comments saying it's HunterBiden

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