The Trump Presidency...

My question is why is he doing it on Veterans Day?? The Russians can go pound sand and wait.......
He's in France for a reason. Veterans Day originated from Armistice Day. US troops were involved in WW1 as were Russian troops, hence Putin being there:
Paris Peace Forum opens on Centenary Armistice Day
France is convening an international forum in Paris on November 11 to promote peace, 100 years after the guns fell silent in the First World War.

The gathering will be inaugurated by heads of state and representatives of more than 80 countries who've been invited to attend the Armistice Centenary commemorations in France, President Emmanuel Macron has announced.
TRAITOR PIERS MORGAN: Abuse thrown at Trump makes him stronger | Daily Mail Online

Traitor Morgan (one of your own btw) seems to be declaring the end of the Liberal order as we know it. The next two weeks will be interesting indeed.
We on Arrse do not recognize that twat as being British or Human.

To put it in perspective I would rather have a face to face with your orange maniac rather than that traitorous git.
(Mind you, punching either one of them would be glorious).
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If you want to end a Nuclear arms treaty and don't want to be seen as the bad body...... call in a favour (Swampy orange flavoured).

I have spent over 2 years trying to work how a retard like Trump became president (No capital P for this thing), and I can only assume the general IQ of the USA has dropped by 27 points since 1945.
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Russians and the Chinese at the same time, this is NOT ACCEPTABLE...... Russians one afternoon, Golf.... Chinese 2 days.... put some golf in between them 2 days.

In future times, his claim to fame will be that he is the only mad man in a straight jacket that claimed to have been the President of the USA that wasn't lying.
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