The Trump Presidency...

I do believe it is an organized religion.....
So the Saudis are kaffer(lick)s? They kept that quiet.

Organised religion, organised crime - amounts to the same thing in the end.
Watching highlights from the Ye(Kanye West) /uncle Donny meeting, un-fcuking Kanye referring to himself as a motherfcuker, beyond class
Who needs to photoshop when true love is expressed, bet they both had chubbies ..
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And Sarah Palin for Sec. State.

I totally would vote for this gang. I really would.
Because you don't live in the USA anymore and there are lots of people who do that you dislike?
What was meant to be in the box @Helm

It’s empty on my iPad.

And I can’t find the link in Media.
For the benefit of @Helm, so he knows he hasn't posted a dud link, it's an Imgur link of Melania at what looks like the inauguration blessing Donald with possibly the least sincere smile in Washington DC.

It's a bigly sincere smile. So sincere. And affectionate too!

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