The Trump Presidency...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jan 20, 2017.

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  1. Has declared a Trade War, will build tunnels and will give power to THE PEE PUHL...
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  3. Part of me likes him - he really is a loose cannon... But he leads the worlds biggest economy and is CIC of the most powerful military ever...Without ever having held any Office or served a day in the Military..
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  4. The most enjoyable thing today was sensing the media go into a collective meltdown prior to disappearing up their own arseholes as Trump finished taking the oath of office.
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  5. Well, that's me screwed, agreeing with @Bravo_Bravo about something
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  6. His new policies are already up on the White House website... not that porn one...the government one.
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  7. And the squirming that must have been going on by all those sat to his left as he was speaking. Part of that speech was directed purely at them.
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  8. Just about now, all the heads of the various departments will be going into see him and saying "Mr President, here's all the things we didn't tell you when you were plain ol' Mr Trump" and he'll be thinking "Fook"
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  9. I hope you're not referring to certain alleged video tapes that were recorded in Russia. Arrse HQ has already had a visit from the diversity squad. The last thing they need is a follow up visit from the Secret Service. Those guys have guns and they wear sunglasses all the time so they can't see what they're shooting at indoors.

    Love Trump or hate him, the Yanks deserve a decent government so good luck to Donald.
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  10. That's really cutting out the middle man...
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  11. I think his team in the white house will steady him up some what, if not ??????????????????????
  12. You can't be wrong about everything... ^^
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  13. Part of me was reaching for the tin foil as he declared " I will faithfully execute..." Crickey, already!
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  14. If anybody really believes that life in America will be different under Trump, they're a loon. He's stuffed his team with billionaires, bankers and wall street and each one will be doing all they can to line their pockets for the next X years.

    I wish SOME of the things he talks about are genuine, but I don't buy his brand of bullshit for a second. Yeah, Politics needs to change, but this muppet isn't the person to do it.
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  15. I love to know how the secret service are going to get around the fact that his wife is Russian could be interesting .
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