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The True Face of War

And the beating of the Army goes on.....

Apparently according to John Simpson, who I had until now given credit for sense, has just said that soldiers who don't like journalists can just shoot them and know that they will get away with it.

What the fu*k?

Or maybe is he talking about the idiot journos who drove into a contact with Iraqi forces, who were taking on the US and got killed.  Well what a ****ing surprise.

War is not nice.  People get killed.  This sanctimonious bollocks is now really starting to grate.
Watched this prog last night on C4 and as always it is all about presentation. They wanted to show the 'human cost' of war so they showed all the victims in burnt out cars, kids injured/killed etc.

No doubting that some folk got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time but wouldn't it be interesting to see a prog that was straight down the middle and showed all sides for a change.

Some of the coverage I have seen reportedly showing Iraqis welcoming the forces into an area and last night I'm sure they showed some of the same footage showing that they were welcoming because they were in fear of being wasted.


A good friend of mine has recently returned from operations out there, he said that the general populus were delighted to the troops and were always running out to the roads etc to welcome them, but that just doesn't make for good journalism any more.

Any of you out there noticed how the coverage has swung from being very supportive of all the good efforts and is now far more scathing and negative.  Not good for those still waiting for their loved ones to come home, or just saying their farewells to those called up for Telic pt 2....


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