The Trucker Who Took On Saddam


Let me get this right (in case I have read the article wrong)...

This bloke is a Reccy Mech in the REME who was driving a recovery vehicle?

Not exactly a good start if you want to try and out sell Bravo Two Zero is it. He must be taking the p*ss
Hmm, I get the feeling his words have been twisted by his publisher and/or NOTW. It is in keeping with the sensationalist style of that paper. I find it hard to believe that someone in this army would go to such lengths to make himself look like a twat.


Apparantly that dug in AFV was a 'sniper's nest'. The last time I heard that expression was in 'The Victor', when Ginge Baker from the Loamshires bought the farm trying to save his mates Nobby Clark and Chalky White.

It was a Jap Sniper's Nest as well (the worst kind!) and Nips all cried 'Aaaaaaaaaiiiiieeeeeeee' when they got a bit of cold steel from Sgt Major Jock McTurk.

I'll bet there's more truth in 'The Victor'

This man is a c*nt. One big embarrassing c*nt.

I wonder if he's an 'experienced Airborne.........'
No suprise at the choice of Newspaper this Walt is using. Seeing as he is in the TA, his story can only go out at weekends.
I am sure i know his unit, it is 22Ardasfuck Regt. 1st steelyeyedkillerstroop. Bet his callsign was B20
I wonder how many books he will sell, He is bound to make some money, Thats it i'am going to write a book on the fight's i've seen in the NAFFI bar, there must be a lot more action in mine than a TA REME DVR or whatever he was. :)
Moved, because some of you probably know this individual, and maybe you can let us have the rest of the chapters?
Whichever unit he is in, he should buy the beers or at least make a donation to the ABF.

Having said that, good luck to him, if someone makes something from the muddle that Tony and George have created, I say good luck to him.

There haven't been that many books written by the TA of late, whether he was at the sharp end or in the rear... if it shows that STAB's are being used then it may help clear up the public's view of the TA, less of the Dad's army image etc....Alot of the public read the News of the World comic.

It won't be a bestseller , or one that many of us will read, but it may stir a few other STAB's to write their stories, Infantry, Gunners etc that may be more interesting. Who knows It might even get a few decent quality recruits through the door!

Cut the guy some slack, Mr McNab's book is full of the publishers embellishments as are the dozens of books that followed his.. just cos Mr Mervin had the nouse to do it first ..

Either way his bounty this year will be peanuts by comparison to what he will earn from this..

Mines a "wife beater" by the way Mr Mervin
'Sniper' is the modern civvy term for a bloke who's gat works.
stabtastic said:
I might just write one about stagging on at the palace. Mind you, it would have to be a novel, because f~ck all happened and I'd have to make it up...

... and nobody has ever done that before. :wink:
stabtastic said:
I might just write one about stagging on at the palace. Mind you, it would have to be a novel, because f~ck all happened and I'd have to make it up...
A recent TA sqn/coy deployment would make interesting reading but I'd think it'd end up on the top shelf ...... or so rumour says :roll:
i like the way that he 'double tapped a dozen rounds', my hero!!

Taxi for Walter
This is from the news of the world, a group to which reading the beano is a significant achivement.

Might be interesting if they haven't tried to make him into a hero as oposed to joe blogs TA trucker, who then had to do a (very) nasty job. But due to this article i doubt it.

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