The troubles magazine

Just a quick query from anyone who served in the Province during the 70s/early 80s. I have access online to a few of a monthly magazine called THE TROUBLES, published during the early 70s, and am wondering if anyone has managed to either collect any complete issues or has managed to save them as files. Unfortunately the ones online at the moment are few and far between and not necessarily a complete record for the period. For example, issues 1-10 are now out of print and the contact e-mail address given in the copies I have managed to save, is no longer extant.

I realise the accounts given, which are taken from newspaper articles, may be slightly biased and inaccurate, but they do provide some collateral to research for a project I am currently undertaking.

Any help is appreciated.
Do you mean the Gleravel magazine?

If so it's a good deal more recent than the '70's!

I'm on nodding terms with Joe Baker, I can ask him, but it's sort of dependant on when/if I bump into him in the pub/street kinda thing.

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