The trouble with the Army

Pardon me for this, I have had such a strong feeling for a long time now,(along with a few tinnies) and since recent events in the press has caused me to allow my feelings to be felt by all. Come on, there is something seriously wrong going down. I reckon the brass need to do something now to stop this getting out of hand. Let's take the Army back a few years - no bullshit - if you fucked up you got some of the crap behind the block - I ain't been in that long and yes more than 10 years but enough to know that the system has changed. Are we becoming so soft that we have to You might say that if you aint happy with it then sort it, but oh no, now you have whingeing little twats going to the top to have a Cpl or SNCO up for the full shite. Trust has happened, not to me but all you have to do is read the papers. (Don't believe what you read, but a lot of it is true.) Even more recently some rupert from Tinidad has been smuggling kids into the UK for his illicit dealing and his own profit. Yeah, look at the Sunday People, now how could a Rupert do this for so long and get away with it - yet the tabloids seem to make more out of it than it actaully is. Welcome to the real world cos that's how they sell the papers. Its true - don't blame the boys who do all the work ie the lads on the ground - cos it is the rupert's who are just as bad and when shit rolls; it rolls downhill - well, if you ask me we need to take a look at how the so called commanders can rule the roost with their own traits and expect soldiers to follow. We need to take a big tablet and start this circle of life within our own establishments with a fresh start and start to be a more professional Army that we can all be proud of. When your lads say the army has changed and it is shite - it aint the Army, its all of us.

Look at this article with a positive aspect an think to yourself are your lads really happy.....[/b][/quote]
True, true, but not very interesting

Did you pause to draw breath whilst you were writing that diatribe? I inadvertently tried to hold my breath, whilst reading it, and found myself coming over all faint and in need of beer. The odd fullstop and comma would give me time to breathe.
Seriously; yes, it is a bit of a bu££er when our illusions are shattered but there have been rotters, cads and rogues in the commissioned ranks for as far back as when I was in Pontious Pilate's bodyguard. But then, again, the rest of us ain't exactly lilywhite-(nonPC term; will the heavens fall upon my greying locks?). I knew at least one or two murderers:- one caught, the other was too crafty; perverts, of varying degrees; liars, cheats and thieves... Fortunately the rest, the vast majority of servicemen, are exactly as advertised; they serve their monarch, their people, their country but most importantly they look after each other. They were the reason I joined and they are the reason I like to keep in touch.
What was it Wellington said?
"Scum of the earth, but look what fine fellows we've made of them."


the wasters dont usually last , they tend to get booted out or fragged in wartime

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