The trouble with CAAs

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Country_Bumpkin, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. What sort of relationship do ACF adults have with their CAA and other permanent County HQ staff?

    EDITTED for self-preservation
  2. Sounds about right
  3. SSI, it that a picture of you - I'll have your phone number if it is!!
  4. So its a country wide thing..... Most are ok chaps, but work, its like asking them to cut off their right hand. All are ex soldiers, on a fairly good pension, and a relatively average wage, with another pension on it way. In fairness we had one that worked night and day for the Cadets, this was noticed in the higher echelons, and they moved him to an HQ job. Unfortunately, nothings going to change them.
  5. i like CAAs and i whish to be one when i leave the ACF where i am a CSM and im better than you!!!!
  6. Bad luck, we have a good one at the moment, puts his self out to try and help if you need any thing quick. He also helps out on weekends if required.
  7. very rare, there is a few good ones. I aint complaining, I take my time at work but then the CCF can afford to
  8. I don`t know if there are any differences between CCF and ACF`s role for there CAA`s, but our guy delivers uniforms to the units and collects returns, and also delivers the mountain of mail from HQ. And occasionally raids my the Naafi.
  9. CCF don't have CAA just a little old SSI
  10. Kit, training, course bookings, admin bitch u name it I do it
  11. SSI you need some more people to help you out, I have two Sgts with me who teach whilst I ride my desk, though I do admin one night a week usually the Thursday, Tuesday teaching the little darlings. Uniform requests and return uniforms are submitted on the 2nd to last Thursday of the month to be sent with monthly returns. Course`s are easy in ACF bids go to Company HQ and they do the rest.
  12. I am the Coy and County HQ ,my kit comes from Bis ,I bid direct for course , I have 120 on strength. We are a formed unit with UIN.
  13. Clanker, you are a lucky so and so - having two Sgts and a good CAA to boot. Of course when you become Coy Training Officer you'll have to sort the course returns ;)
  14. Easy now Country_Bumpkin, you know my views on that one , Ha, Ha, SSI i understand why I have it easier I parade on average 20 cadets thats all not the vast legion you have. we have UIN but I am not often given access to it as I would be indenting for everything, last indent was collar dogs for my SD, though I did have permission.
  15. I p***ed myself recently - my issue pair of boots started falling apart so i went to my CAA for exchange, who said - you're joking, you can't exchange them, you've only had them 3 years, the army expect them to last for at least 8 years, and won't replace them with in that time.

    What a joke!