The trials and tribulations of being a BBC Reporter


Read, if you can without a lump in your throat and a tear in your eye, about the problems and hardships experienced by this poor BBC hack. Deserving of a place on the front page of the BBC website, I think we can all see how these people deserve higher wages, BUPA healthcare, and the complete and utter respect of all of us. We may mock them, but at the end of the day, nothing we ever do with compare with the stress and danger of waiting in line for a pass to a party political conference.

It absolutely makes my blood boil. How can someone so important be treated so badly.

I can only admire her self control. She never mentioned that the rocket salad was slightly stale and that the expense account only covered twice the cost of the hotel room.

Outstanding behaviour. With more fat tarts like this we could take over the world.


Boo Fcuking Whooo.

And they call that news.

Says it all, really.

Why do these pricks rob me of a licence fee when i don't watch thier channel?


Also, does this self-important bitch realise that the time she spent dossing around in a queue, chatting with her entourage, is a lot less than the time a patrol in Iraq or Afganistan spends out on the ground, every single day, defending her rights to her next ciabatta and expresso . Fcuking ignorant cow.
Do they have an address for welfare parcels? Can everyone save their bits from their 24HR rat packs that they don't want and send them to her?

Dear Sarah Mukherjee,
BBC environment correspondent.

I apologise for my stupid comments in the earlier post and also for the comments of my fellow forumites.

I am glad that you are there to watch and comment on the environment, unfortunately you seem to do this without leaving London, apart from the occassional and so inconvenient trip to Manchester or Bournemouth.

What is your position, environmentally speaking, on the lead content of the trees in Helmand Province ?

Do you feel that air travel burns up too much fuel and should be discouraged ?

How is that the environment can cope with flying your baby sweet corn from Thailand into your local Waitrose but flying compo a few miles down the road into a platoon house is so difficult ?

You lead such a hard life. No wonder it made the front pages.
Good to see BBC journalists using their' professional skills and the BBC's resources to such brilliant effect. Dumbing down in journalism - never.

I look forward to Sarah Mukherjee's incisive articles on the environment like never before.
the only "Mukherjee" I have ever met were a series of charwallahs from the Indian sub-continent who did our bidding 'a la It ain't half hot mum' style when I was stationed in the Far East for years. Seems they are getting above their station in life.............or is that a racist comment?
Edited to add.......but they made the best egg banjos in the world!
Queues at Post Office
By Sarah Mukherjee

For many years, as far as I was concerned, paying my council tax at the Post Office was somebody else's problem. Generally, I have paid by direct debit. However, having recently moved and not having yet set up my DD I realised that I would have to venture the the PO to pay this month's outstanding bill.

The first hurdle I had to overcome was the large, slow moving queue of grannies waiting for their pensions. Really, can't these people arrange to have their money paid directly into their bank accounts?

Methinks she steals precious oxygen from those that need it a little more.........
Fugly said:
Also, does this self-important bitch realise that the time she spent dossing around in a queue, chatting with her entourage, is a lot less than the time a patrol in Iraq or Afganistan spends out on the ground, every single day, defending her rights to her next ciabatta and expresso . Fcuking ignorant cow.

Didnt know we went to iraq and afganistian to guard the expresso wells and protect the ciabatta harvest it all makes sense now :twisted:
Hell on the High Street

By Sarah Mukherjee

A simple task you would think - going to the supermarket to get some food. But no, the hurdles that were placed in my way became ever more Kafka-esque.

Firstly, driving there. Not for us supine Brits the obvious solution of driving up to the deli counter; no I was directed to what was bizarrely called a 'car park', where I had to leave my car all alone in a rather peculiar little bay that it only just fitted into if I bumped into the car unhelpfully parked next to it. But my troubles had only just started......

.... And at last, time to leave. But not so fast, Mukherhjee! As I tried to take my food out of the store, a smiling man in a peaked hat pointed me in the way of the 'check out'. Apparently I had to pay for all of this! I pointed out that I was a journalist, but to no avail. A queue of, almost, 2 minutes was my penance.

"Do you want cash back?"

"Ooh thank you?"

But I later found that what was on the surface a very generous offer by the smiling lady, was a scam. The £30 cash back was, in fact, my own money!

Cheated, but not hungry.

At least not for now.
Wonder if she takes it up the wrongun'?
Never mind her.
What I want to know is whether BBC Kabul reporter Alistair Leithead has to put sunscreen on his head to avoid sun burn?

If he does, well then that is truly a trial of being a BBC reporter.
:evil: I can not believe I pay a licence fee for this drivel. :evil:

Maybe we should get her to swap witht the Beeb correspondent in Afghan and get that Muslim Copper doing some Close Protection work in Helmand. See how much they whinge then... :D
"So, I fell back on the last refuge of the journalist - and politician. I lied."

No surprises there then. :roll:
Is it just me or does it seem like she is not so much writing a journalistic piece for the Beeb or just writing her own web blog? "I did this and then I did this, and then I met him/her and they said this" Jesus, woman, report the bloody news. I do not pay my licence fee to read about your boring life. If this is the kind of journalist that the establishment is pushing out, maybe they should spend the first few years of their career as an apprentice war correspondent.
Since when did 'focussed' have two s's.


Don't you dare say it can be spelt like that... NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

What is the BBC coming to?
I coud have sworn this was an ironical piece of whimsy as opposed to a serious report.

Hey-ho - all aboard.

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