The Trenchard Barracks Kubelwagen

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Adjutant, Jul 19, 2013.

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  1. She's for sale.

    First came through the main gate of Trenchard Barracks in 1997. The Adjt signed the 1033 in 2003 - she's been in the UK for the last 4 years. A 'BFG BATUS Banger' of some reputation.

    Passed her MoT today (19 July 13) and I'll tax her for 6 months before sale.

    LHD. Original Bundeswehr paint job, Recaro seats in the front and some sort of device which plays 'compact cassettes' and can receive radio transmissions.

    As is - needs the TLC and garage that I've been unable to provide since moving house. Since arriving here has had new starter motor, new rear left wheel bearing, exhaust. Original engine which I think is a 1200cc but I'm just not sure.

    Great fun with the roof down in the current British weather.

    £3,500 ono.


    PS - I'm trying to sell this Old Girl, not find out about how you once drove one on Ex LION HEART in 1984 and thought how similar it was to your German girlfriend's Beetle. I know that bit...

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  2. That is a truly awful vehicle.

    I'll give you £20 to let local youths vandalise it with fire.
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  3. I sold one of these things when they were imported into the U.S. in 1973-74. This is the jolly old Type 181 and they can be handy for carting one's surf board around from beach to beach, but impractical for most every other use. You might as well get a Smart car to do your wheeling in if you must be the odd man out. :p
  4. here in the US a Afrika Korps one was recently sold off. Still had bullet holes and the painted on Capture markings for Aberdeen Proving Grounds. It had been in a Massachusetts museum after being on War Bond tours.
  5. I had one from 73-84--done up in authentic Afrika Korps garb with spare on hood. Great little vehicle. Wish I still had it--sold it for $2000.

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  6. Well buy the bloody thing off adjutant then.
  7. Sadly it's a type 181 Kurierwagen.

    Any Kubelwagens going in Sydney? I need to replace my ageing 'ride', and this would be a nice '2 fingers in the air' company car :) Can't bring myself to waste money on a new 'fancy' car.

    Though I suspect not many originals made it this far South! (South America perhaps)
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