The Tree Rats secret offensive has been uncovered.

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by SecurityGeek, Oct 16, 2010.

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  1. It would appear the squirrels are getting coordinated.

    BBC News - Swindon squirrels blamed for damage to car brakes

    First cut the communications, then launch the main attack. Then get your pet organisation (RSPCA) to warn people not to retalliate because it will have dangerous repercussions.

    They are coming for us!

    Nurse, my medication? why thank you...........
  2. I saw this earlier and thought like yourself; 'We're dooooomed!' Then I saw it was Swindon - Good effort you little fuzzy buggas, Wycombe next please! :)
  3. Not only that but it seems that they even have a version of 'Them'.

    A breed of secret squirrel all dressed in black (fur).

    They're comming to get us I tell ya!

  4. Here on the septic side of the pond a large herd of grey squirrels took over my yard for a while this year. However a fox moved into the neighborhood along with a flock of turkeys and the squirrels have moved on. A tom turkey can really put fear into squirrels. (and people too)
  5. [​IMG]

    The Reds are coming!

  6. You say that, but don't forget we thought helping the Afghans against the Russkies was a good idea at one time. Now we realize we gave the aid to the wrong side ... or, rather, we should have registered their positions and wiped them out afterwards when we still knew where they were.

    So, maybe we should play this a bit smarter.

    After each bit of sabotage (or teethage or squirrelage?), we should reward the squirrels with a few acorns and gradually move the rewards into the back of a big van. Next, we put a few foxes in a couple of streets in the middle of the target town. And then stand back and wait.

    After the SS (SchutzSquirrels) have wreaked their carnage, Swindon will be a festering mess of bodies - a vast improvement, I'm sure we will all agree. The squirrels, having done their job, will suddenly find the ramps of the reward lorries are locked, making them available for further deployment or disposal as required. Meanwhile, the survivors (from the streets protected by foxes) can be rounded up and threatened with similar treatment unless they get to work, dispose of the bodies and clear up the town. Naturally, they will all be offered a refreshing shower after making Swindon fit for human habitation ...
  7. ...and Sir Ranulph Fiennes will write a novel called The Acorn Men...