The treatment of Scottish soldiers by the English NHS?

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No wonder the Army is finding it hard to recruit new soldiers, knowing that they might be injured and then not treated at an English Hospital because they are Scottish - What is that all about?

Don't refuse to treat Lance Corporal Callum Brown | Campaigns by You

Surely their must be some MP's or someone who can sort this out, I am disgusted at his man's treatment, and as a former soldier - very disappointed that the powers that be can't do anything about this.

Come on guys - get a grip, also surely if the same thing happened in Scotland, their would be an English outcry. We were all British Soldiers at the end of the day - no English/Scottish/Welsh/Northern Irish or whatever.

It's pretty sad how this can happen, and it won't do the recruitment offices any good either.


@jarrod248 will be along in a minute to point out the error of your ways...
I think I'd want to know a bit more about the background to this one before signing the petition.
Something is rather malodorous one way or the other.
Is it not that treatment was refused because his local health authority refused to fund it rather than him being Scottish, internal markets and all that.
I don't know whether to go out or not. This shyte has got serious potential!
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