"The Traverse Monster"

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Tankie2ndrtr, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. Tankie2ndrtr

    Tankie2ndrtr Old-Salt Reviewer

    What sort of things have the TM eaton ?.

    I once made a PU about 15m long wrapped around the turret ring! . oops.
  2. I remember my old troop leader asking me in Sennelager one day,

    "Lofty, have you seen my book?"

    *picks up tatty shreds of paper*

    "I think I've found it boss... Looks like the turret monster didn't rate it."

    He was gutted, he'd only read about the first chapter in it, and had a week to go!
  3. It normally subsists on a diet of AA Maglites and Lumicolour markers supplemented by large quantities of 7.62 brass and link. I did once, however, see someone take three big run-ups followed by shuddering stops before they twigged that it was their gatt that was jamming the turret.
  4. As a very young lad at SEE, learning to be an ECE, I tried to chew one of the other guys foot off (sorry Scotty), but instead managed to get it to chew a couple of EMER's.

    Didn't go down well with either the Instructor or Librarian
  5. Nearly lost foot by sitting on inside of turret with feet resting on breadbasket with gunner on power traverse,(Mk.6 Cent).My anguished scream stopped traverse as dilapidated ammo boot jammed against hull,not recommended.
  6. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    2 x gophers. How the next crew in BATUS stuck it - we did try and remove most of the mess honest.
  7. Memories! sixty odd years since I jammed a comet turret with a fitters tool box!
  8. Tp Ldrs + staff users = food for TM!
  9. One of our VM's at the 17/21 in Munster tested out the clutch on the traverse gearbox by driving the machinery wagon into the end of the barrel, result gun traversed off & wrecked the box body - muppet

  10. Whilst operating on 0B on a range period the Sqn Ldrs briefcase containing hand written CRs and other stuff including a tasty bottle of Scotch and 100 Bensons came off second best when the TM gave it a chewing.....

    Suffice to say I received a rather stern paddington bear stare and some not so pleasent words of wisdom,when I handed the tatty remains of the brief case and its now dripping contents out of the turret in a black bin bag .

    He didnt give a stuff about the words, it was the booze and fags that brought tears to the eyes
  11. Our (MoD-run) school's cadets were on a trip to visit SCOTS DG in Sennelager in 1984 or so. A JNCO was showing us kids around the inside of Chieftain. Anyway, main switch was on, previous group had traversed, new lad sitting in gunner's seat asks if it's OK to traverse, gets told yes, and the turret monster promptly drives a bolt a few inches into the thigh of said JNCO. After a while, they got the turret monster to spit him out... the hard way.

    ...apparently this JNCO was known to be a bit cavalier around the turret monsters.

    Fantastic trip, by the way - tiring, mind you (when the RSM's kid is at the school, it makes things easier - in fact the BW sent a minibus up from Werl to pick up "their" kids, and my dad only had to drive a mile up the road to pick me up; we used to live next door to Billy R who eventually made RSM)
  12. If i remember rightly the 'Glorious 2nd of Tanks' had a canny knack of trying to jam turrets with SA80's and as we all know the SA80 is sh@te, the Big Bad T M won . :cry: :cry:
  13. I managed to crunch an AVO 8 (9?) multimeter while on my ECE Class 3 course at SEE in 1973.
    The instructor had asked me to look at a Chieftain with a real fault on it. (Can't remember the details, but the turret wouldn't traverse.)
    Fault found and sorted!
    Put my EMERs and toolroll on top of the turret, forgot about the AVO sitting in the little recess at the rear of the hull compartment, traversed the turret. CRUNCH! Whoops (or words to that effect). :oops:
    The subsequent Court of Enquiry was kind enough not to make me pay for a new AVO. It would have been quite some time before I was issued any more beer tokens if they had....... :cry:
  14. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Once found a lad in the same troop trying to straighten a gimpy in the turret of our troop Cpls Chieftan . Apparently the drill went remove coax lean in against the BV and then use the thumb controller to traverse turret by reaching over the gun. Encounter a little resistance continue regardless and then put it over the decks. Find source of grinding mettalic noise and then s**t yourself and unsuccesfully try and straighten said item out before going to troop 3 bar for a kicking.
    TM wins every time.
  15. Traverse Monster also eats Jamaicans freshly transferred in from TA . With a little help from 'New Troop Leader', and 'otherwise engaged, not really paying attention' Gunners. Sorry Devon. The Dorbaum in Munster was a lot less quiet with your screaming.