The Training GAMES

Have just heard about the latest game at Phase Two...spin the sprog!

All you need to play is:
1x skateboard
1x fem sprog
1x circle of male sprogs

Kinda like spin tjhe bottle but with sexier results really...Spin fem...if you get a head or a 'tail'..your a winner! All others leave the room (and probably go and try their luck else where) and leave the three lucky contestants to a night (although probably more like 15 minutes) of passion.

Just thought that it might give you all a laugh...and prompt you all to tell the rest of us about your training 'fun and games'
Disgusting! what happened to wholesome part 2 sports, such as Soggy Biscuit and Speckles?


Must stand well apart - many army women have an arrse that would pick 2 or 3 'winners' if they stand too close!

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