THE Toy for Christmas

Here it is.. the ultimate toy for Christmas [ other than Pam Anderson nekkid under your tree ]..

for the guy who has more money than sense - hey.. if you can't spend it, what good is it?

At only $ 49,999.95 [ US ] its a bargoon!!

The Genuine Robbie the Robot!!

Availaible only from Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue.. this is a special edition, life size [ 7 foot high !] fully animatronic, remote controlled version of Robbie the Robot.. built from the original blueprints, moulds and templates used on the original.. It is hand-made to ' exact standards '..Pre-programmed with quotes from the original movie.. His computer relay assembly moves, his head turns, his gyro stabilizers spin, and his scanners rotate and lights blink on and off.. You can project your own voice through the robot as well...

State of the art electronics, fiberglas moulded construction, brass and titanium and aluminium bits specially machine grade turnings.. and weighing in at only 100 lbs. He is signed and authenticaated by the artist and designer Fred Barton.

Plugs into AC to recharge...

For personalized service on this item only you can call 1-800 - 277 -3528 number to get all the spcifics.. [ 8 am to 12 pm Eastern time please ]

Impress the missus and make the girls at the local swoon....

If that's a bit outside your walking around money limits.. they do offer a Robotic Velociraptor for only $ 99.95 US which reacts to the environment around it.. pull its tail and it growls and bites, chuck it under the chin and it nuzzles you like a dog, it navigates around a room and avoids furniture and stuff with infrared sensors and will chase after sounds with its autonomous response technology.. it can also be remote controlled and comes with 40 preprogrammed functions..

or, if you want to discretely spy on the choice bit of sunbathing tottie in the yard next door.. how about a remote controlled miniature spy plane?

only $ 239.95 it is a scaled down AWACS with a minicam built into the Radar dome which can click 26 VGA photos downloadable to any Pc with a USB port... 5 foot wingspan this baby has a 1000 foot range and can stay airborne for 7 minutes on a single charge... plane is contructed of durable EPP foam...

oh, Santa is going to get a fab list from me this Chrissie!!!!

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