The town where McDonald's counts as health food: Tamworth obesity capital of Britain

Tbf roast pork butty with gravy souds lush
So what the piece is actually saying then is "Tamworth is the town with the greatest percentage of obese people in the UK"?

The rest... Is fluff.
On the plus side the slim women of Tamworth will have lowered their standards massively. Sweet


Oh **** blood pressure is up again!!


I love how its all somebody`s or something else`s fault. After all they are victims of this bad society that they live in....which they formed incidentally..and continue to perpetrate. Fat, useless, stupid, lazy bunch of ******* social maggots - too lazy and dumb to get off their fat Arses and get a life.
Just what the **** are we ever supposed to do with Morons who class McDonalds as Healthy? - Their Brains, insofar as they have one are probably addled by cheap drugs and Alchohol and they will never amount to anything.

Boot camps are the Answer!. A bit of Military mettle is needed here - Being over a certain weight without a proven Medical condition should be classed as Self inflicted injury and access to Healthcare should be refused until the problem is allieviated - if one of them dies whilst trying to achieve this then who ******* more resource sucking twat less. Boot camps full of Fat ******* trying to get over the 6 foot wall or getting stuck under the Barbed wire. The wailing of the beasted ones as they are force marched without Fat Bastard Scooters or Rolly thingies.....Less money spent on support machines for Lazy fat twats, self inflicted Heart condition and Diabetes...nice steady jobs for ex forces personnel as Custodians and beasters of the Fat ones. The dead ones could be used to fire the local Power station which again would save millions. In my brave new world Fat ******* and lazy Spackers are in for a shock and you will know a Man who has been a soldier because he will wear his Underpants on the Outside- As do all super heroes

I shudder to think where we will be in 20 years time...and am now off to dream of Barbed wire enclosures and BIG Ovens
you wanna see obese , i just got back from a trip to Disneyland , most of the american fatties drive around on electric scooters and actually class themselves as disabled , i was stood in a line and had to step aside for one , as soon as she reached the head of the line for the ride she hopped of and on to the ride nothing a good diet and dose of excercise wouldn't clear up , and as for some of their kids , i never seen 6 and 7 yr olds being pushed around in strollers before , make em walk , then you see what they eat at the food stalls and how much they eat , even their wheelchairs come in extra wide , it's quite an eye opener
I never fúck anything that I can't fit in a bin bag afterwards.
Take your chainsaw and a roll of bags then ... You could always reprocess them as fast food (doubly ironic) and it would give the Authorities lots to think about when they tried to identify the species of the new Tamburgers.
you wanna see obese , i just got back from a trip to Disneyland , most of the american fatties even their wheelchairs come in extra wide , it's quite an eye opener
Last visit there was one sat in a Motorised Scooter in the smoking area just opposite Aloha Isles @ Magic Kingdom. It was so big it was spilling over the side of the chair and so heavy the suspension was fecked and the wheels were wonky. It sat there most of the day as every time we passed it was there stuffing its face.

sent from the Magic Roundabout using sugar cubes and magic carrots
Pork is something of a local delicacy: the Tamworth pig, one of the oldest of all pig varieties, was first bred here by the local MP and 19th century Prime Minister Robert Peel on his estate at Drayton Manor. Today, Drayton Manor is a theme park, and the Tamworth pig, which is unsuited to modern farming techniques, is listed as &#8216;vulnerable&#8217; by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust.

I dare it is more likely to be "vulnerable" because the locals will rip it to bits and slap it between two slice of bread before the poor bugger even knows what is going on...

...mmmm...pig....must eat....

Because these fat ******* are an ever increasing money pit for the NHS and therefore everybody else.
So everyone's paying for it... The fatties are getting the fun of doing the eating....

Who's the ****?
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