The Tourney


Dusk falls quickly in this part of the World?two figures are seen scuttling down the lines toward their old battered Vauxhall Wyvern,carrying the room "Bass broom". They return hours later giggling like naughty chidren,this is their routine for weeks until intrigued by their behaviour we set the unit slueth on their case.He reports back,it appears that in our midst we have"Ivanhoe"and squire "wamba".It's their wont to prowl the highways looking for combat!!.On spotting a worthy foe,a local native on his bike heading home they set the spurs to the mighty steed,couch the lance under the armpit and with a"Have at thee,varlet,scoundrel"the poor unfortunate is propelled into ignomy? These pair of desperados run of couching lance is only brought to a halt when their "Trusty steed"throws a shoe,the cylinder head went. :numberone:
He was asked what his favourite instrument was and he replied the Dinner Bell.
That's exactly what I said.

Even though I was talking dirty.
Bloody hell, you lot are a bit slow on the uptake.
Two blokes go out in their car, jousting/tilting cyclists with a broom. All good clean fun, unless you're a cyclist of course. But hey, pay no road tax? expect no quarter!
Not slow.

Just fcuking glad the cylinder head went.

But he didn't mention where.


Trigger: we had a saying down the council 'Look after your broom'

Rodney: 'And your broom will look after you'

Trigger: No Dave, just 'look after your broom'.


KFM, my avatar says it all .When did WC :numberone: ever win?Mister soft,Out There!!! :plotting: Anybar, Wise words?Lads I have more or less just joined up,trying to get the feel of the site so bear with me I will catch up if the senior moments dont get in the way to much.Im a squaddie from when we had 52 regiments of the line,so much for my resume' let the banter begin :highfive:

I like to keep a bottle of stimulant handy in case I see a snake,which I also keep handy

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