The Tories Screw it Up AGAIN !!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Aug 21, 2007.

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  1. 12 of the 29 hospitals named by Boy Dave have spoken out against His campaign, stating catagorically that they were not in the firing line. Sticking couragously to His guns, Cameron apologized to Altrincham General Hospital who didn't have the maternity and A&E units He claimed they would lose.

    When was the last time a non league side won the FA Cup?

    Oh dear, oh dear said Eeyore Hague, a blush rising up His cheeks
  2. This man is a fool and his judgement must be questioned.

    For someone who is supposed to be a PR professional, he is incredibly incompetent and clumsy at this attempts at spin. Not to mention the fact that after having 10 years of slick sterile corporate spin, the electorate is starting to hanker for something else.
  3. You're right! Sven is nearly as bad as that idiot Cameron!
  4. Excellent! Cameron is worse than Blair, as he has patently attempted to package himself as a Blair clone in his pursuit of power. Another Labour election win on the horizon, and a good job too; the useless barstewards need to be in power when the whole pseudo-capitalist enterprise they have presided over these last 10 years comes crashing down. Who was it said that the people get the government they deserve?
  5. Sven you're never miss an opportunity to snipe do you?

    At least he managed to get elected.
  6. and as Tory leader as well - such a feat for an old Etonian.
  7. Which might be better, Eton or Fettes do you think?
  8. Never mind the public school debate. Perhaps cameron should have taken a bit more interest in the grammar schools he so blithely condemned to death.

    (Yes, I know you were being ironic, perhaps even aggressively so, which is good with Sven, but you can't let a good opportunity pass you by)
  9. at a time when the country is desperately in need of a new government, the opposition parties are doing their be un-electable.

  10. Not that that matters, given the purely rubber-stamping role the Mother of All Parliaments currently fills.
  11. Excellent EX_STAB. I am still laughing hard as I type. Nice one. :D
  12. The local Tory MP apologised unreservedly, including for his party, for the mistake saying that Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn would lose the maternity ward.
    Then David Cameron stuck to his guns and said they would lose it, because he really knows everything that guy.
    Echo other comments on here. David Cameron is more dangerous than Brown and at least Labour will be accountable when the system fails.
    David Cameron, now with added slime. Inbred half-wit.
    If anyone wants to public schools debate: Cameron's shadow cabinet has more ex-public school than Thatcher's cabinet did, despite "David's" attempt to encouage women/black/disabled/his friends.
    Oh, and cash for honours wasn't just the Labour party.

    So in conclusion. Labour party are a flange of cnuts, the Torys a gathering of twats. Glad we got that one straightened out.
  13. Yes I can. I've done it all my life...
  14. :roll: :D
  15. On our regional Beeb news programme Cameron refused to say that He would reopen any department that was closed by the government.

    D- Mr Cameron, must do better!