The Tories first female Asian candidate

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Nov 26, 2006.

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  1. Go for it, Miss:



    Well, s*d me with a sjambok. Here's a woman with more balls than the entire Opposition front bench.

    Go for it, lass, and I'll reconsider my recent decision to throw rotten eggs at every pseudo-Conservative waste of parliamentary salary who crosses my path.
  2. Not another well meaning politico. Give her 24 months and she'll have that knocked out of her by the party whips.

    Cynicism is a word that was invented by the British purely in reference to the scrotes who rule them. Probably.
  3. Read her interview in the Mail and if she is genuine!! she would get my vote anyday. Lets hope this is the NEW face of MP's , honest,direct and to the point!!!!!!!!!! :D
  4. Yes, true. All politicos are evil self-serving scum who would, in a fair world, be dangled by their genitals over their respective town squares, for every child to chuck their used and dribbly toffee apples at.

    But once in a while a self-serving scumball pops up who offers something to the voting punter which all the others - who are too busy falsifying their expenses - have overlooked. This is an expression of the opinion and will of the general public, which is supposed to be what democracy is all about. The three main parties in that place are no longer driven by principle; they're no longer Socialist, or Conservative, or Liberal. They're Marketing, Public Relations and Sales. This one seems to have something sensible to say for the good and benefit of the populace.

    I want something better than greasy professional politicians and their greasy lies, and with a following wind, this tart will get on with winning a seat and sticking her stilettos up the posturing prostitutes in office.
  5. the mental image this conjures in my mind is quite pleaseing.
  6. Depends how much testosterone you have running down your leg, I suppose. Me, I like a bast*rd making the decisions, and she seems to have that quality.

    I've been seeing more of Peter Hain ("The Sheetstain") on the box than I would ever like for the last couple of weeks, and frankly, if there's an assassin on the loose in the world, can I make a plea that instead of whacking Adams or McGuinness, can you please paintball the f*cker's smug f*cking mug?
  7. And to answer a question too right I 'WOULD'>>>>>>>>>>>[​IMG][​IMG]
  8. Always remember - an aspiring politician will say vitually anything to get elected. Once in office the "party apparatus" takes over.
  9. I believe she's called 'Priti' and is a media darling-always on late night programmes.
  10. translates - they lie through thier fu*king teeth to stay there.
  11. Merely saying that to.. Get elected

    She will then soon change her views when/if she actually becomes a member of a Government.... just like Labour did in 97.

    Still would though, and then release the porrdige over the fizzog!!! :lol:
  12. I'm with Wija

    Good on her
    but she'd still get the good news all over her mush!
  13. Bunch of sexist tw*ts on here tonight. This is a serious political point, not a 'Sun' Page 3 exhibition.

    Would you rather have this b*stard f*cked rapidly and deeply at the polls:


    or someone who isn't lying every time he or she opens his/her untoothbrushed gob in order to maintain a political "career", and who professes to a lasting principle or two?
  14. who hasnt even stated her political career yet!!

    lets just say i'm a tad cynical about anyone who gets involved in politics!
  15. what's she got in her mouth? - I've seen that look on a few birds faces before
    ...she'd get it though, and clear,milky white liquids always shows up better on dark skin...