The Top Ten Great Britons

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by NEO_CON, Nov 14, 2005.

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  1. I ran across this article, while I am not British opinions know no national boundaries.

    The Top Ten Great Britons

    1-Winston Churchill - 456,498 votes (28.1%)
    2-Isambard Kingdom Brunel - 398,526 votes (24.6%)
    3-Diana, Princess of Wales - 225,584 votes (13.9%)
    4-Charles Darwin - 112,496 votes (6.9%)
    5-William Shakespeare - 109,919 votes (6.8%)
    6-Isaac Newton - 84,628 votes (5.2%)
    7-Queen Elizabeth I - 71,928 votes (4.4%)
    8-John Lennon - 68,445 votes (4.2%)
    9-Horatio Nelson - 49,171 votes (3%)
    10-Oliver Cromwell - 45,053 (2.8%)

    Isambard Kingdom Brunel never heard of him.
    Diana, Princess of Wales , Please even over here the funeral was on 24/7. I don't get it and I never will.
    John Lennon while he was great, in the top ten , too high a rating for me.
    No William for winning The Battle of Hastings or Harold for winning at Stamford Bridge than loosing at Hastings, both remarkable leaders.
  2. IKB turned this country around in the Industrial revolution....a genius...from Portsmouth!
  3. Brunel was perhaps the greatest engineer of the Industrial Age and, IMHO, rightly placed in the top 10.

    William and Harold were a Norman and a Saxon respectively, not Britons

    Lennon? Reasonable song writer, terrible choice of women. Imagine has to be in my Top 10 worst records of all time
    Cromwell? Created the modern parliamentary democracy, it's true, but a traitor to his King and banned Christmas
    Diana? Please tell me that's a joke.

    What about
    Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington
    John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough
    Jeremy Bentham, John Locke or Thomas Hobbes
    Handel or Elgar
    Shackleton or Fiennes
    Dickens, Keats or Wordsworth

    Much better choices out there!!
  4. Isambard Kingdom Brunel was one of the most brilliant engineers of his time or in fact of any time!

    William the conqueror was the Duke of Normandy and upon 'conquering England and most of Wales' (Never Northern Ireland or Scotland) he returned to his native Normandy and only returned to England to quell ensuing rebellions in York and Berwick Upon Tweed. Therefore he cannot be counted as a Great Briton.
  5. Diana my arrse!!
  6. If that is the case and I will accept you reasons than who was the first British King?
  7. Either William and Mary with the 1707 Act of Union between Britain and Scotland forming the Kingdom of Great Britain or George III with the 1801 Creation of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

    Alternatively, If you take "British" to mean an indigenous race of these islands, you could argue that we haven't had a "British" king since 55BC!
  8. an
    I am equating Briton and British to be about the same. That may be incorrect, but if you use the above definition than-Oliver Cromwell, Queen Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare could not be on the list.

    To clarify how far back you can go to include people on the list . When did the Briton become English and who was the first king of England ?
  9. They missed out David Brent and also the chuckle brothers...
  10. The first undisputed king of England was Canute (reigned 1016 - 1035). IIRC, he was Danish, but nationality wasnt really an issue then, after all, Richard I (The Lionheart) didnt even speak the lingo although he is probably regarded as one of the great English kings.
  11. Yes but Gaius Julius didn't stick around did he? 43AD would be a better choice, however there was a brief period after 410 when it could be said that the Britons ruled themselves, they weren't very good at it though.

    I would actually argue that the accession of James VI/I constitutes the de facto creation of Britain as political entity although IIRC some of the Anglo-Saxon kings recieved fealty from large parts of lowland Scotland.
  12. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    King James VI surely? 1603 Union of the Crowns.

    Edited to add. Bugger. You beat me to it Bladensburg :)
  13. Oliver Reed
    Joey Deacon
    Fred Dibnah
    Ray Mears
    Mike Read
    Lemmie out of Motorhead
    Lewis Collins
    Dave Lee Travis
    John Craven