The Top Five Worst Crappers.

You would think its the easiest thing in the World to build a decent field crapper. Somewhere to sit and think about the bizarre and deviant posts on ARRSE, to sit and make small talk with a stranger on the next seat or even to "knock one out", al fresco behind the hessian screen. But no, the majority live up to their name "sh*t pits" and here are the Top Five worst crappers - unless anyone can do better (or worse).

First up, a DTL at BIA. Note the near miss.

Second. Brimming at the seams. Note the brick keeping the contents in

Third. Good effort with the comfy blue seat, but again poor aiming by users.

Forth. In real danger of collapse and an open air restaurant for flies.

Fifth - A snug five-seater. You'll really find out who your friends are on this one.


Kit Reviewer
Sorry, nothing can beat the toilet at the Riverside Bar 'n' Whorehouse at Nanyuki Show Ground, Kenya for sheer gut-wrenching, stinking, vomit inducing stench - except the whores themselves that is.

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