The Toons chances in the Championship (09-10)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by box-of-frogs, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. Champions - easy!

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  2. Automatic spot - at least they're up!

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  3. Win the playoff's - phew!

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  4. Lose the playoff's - arrse................

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  5. Mid table mediocrity - this league's hard!

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  6. Flirt with relegation - thank feck for that!

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  7. Relegated to play the Leeds in Div 1. Arrse.........

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  1. The football season is rapidly approaching yet again. I'm not a supporter of the Toon - my lot went up via the playoff's to the Prem league :D , but this gives me a healthy respect for the Championship. I know full well how hard and competitive it is. Leeds, Forest, Man City, Swindon, Bradford, Oldham have all been relegated from the Championship after their respective stays in the Prem. Some have clawed their way back, others haven't...................

    So what i want to know is, how do you think the Toon will do this year?? Personally, and in no way influenced by their 6-1 loss to Leyton Orient this weekend :twisted: , I think they are going to struggle a little, get into the playoff's and then lose.

  2. We're pish right now - too many passengers who wont work hard enough to win in Championship but luckily it looks like clubs elsewhere are willing to invest in them, Gutierrez and Colloccini really were a waste cant see why anybody would buy them but hopefully they will. Viduka and Martins away soon and Owen already gone - dont think Lovenkrands will get 30 goals next year - maybe Shearer should think about re-registering?

  3. How many of the Prem squad have stayed?
  4. I'm a loyal Toon fan but alas, as long as that fat cnut Ashley is still in the seat then we are doomed. Perversely I am actually looking forward to the season because it just feels like were closer to what English Football should be.

    My heart says we should go back up, my head says were royally fecked due to the high standard of the competition who will be out for our scalp.

    Mike Ashley is to Newcastle United, what Gordon Broon is to the forces unfortunately... a shagging disater.
  5. lets hope they play better than they did against leyton orient at the weekend.
  6. I think only Owen left so far - all the foreigners want away though and bar Bassong and Beye they wont be missed. Consistent grafters and a bit of flair here and there is whats needed for the next couple of seasons in the championship.
  7. Can't see us winning it, but a decent chance of playoffs/promotion.

    We are a shambles of a club, if nothing is sorted in the next 2 weeks though we could be Leeds
  8. When they were relegated, I tried to be positive and think they would bounce straight back. Now, I can't see them being back for about another four or five years. The squad needs to be rebuilt because the way they are playing they would struggle in a pub chain's Sunday league. IMO Ashley is the barrier to any positive change in fortune and direction, and until he goes the uncertainty will remain. Toon doing a Leeds? - more like doing a Gateshead if they don't get themselves sorted sharpish.
  9. Hopefully they'll be going down again.....

    No better sight than crying geordies :D :D
  10. Ashley wants £100 mill for them and they have £ in debt?
    thats what i was told?
    So do the maths?
    Another Leeds here buy the looks?
  11. They'll be playing Alnwick in the Northumberland League soon!
  12. Hopefully :D
    This coming from the only North East team supporter left in the Premiership :D
    Awaits incoming :oops:
  13. How long before Ashley is outed as a Sunderland fan?
  14. Can you amend the last option to be relegated to take Leeds palce in div 3 as they start their climb back to their rightful place? ;-)
  15. About 6-1 against