The Tony Blair Faith Foundation?????

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Old_Faithfull, May 31, 2008.

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  1. The news in Australia tonight had a report that the former PM Tony BLiar, whose government famously "did not do God" has just launched the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

    Can this really be true, and if so what is it's aims, apart from obviously promoting BLiar himself? I cannot believe that it is a completely selfless act of kindness to bring peace to the world, or he would have called it the International Faith Foundation or something similarly non-self promoting. Can anyone shed light on this strange situation?
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm afraid it's true. He converted to the Catholic faith, prayed to his god for forgiveness, even though, as god was his judge, he did the right thing in Iraq!?!?!

    After getting stuck into 2 wars in which tens if not hundreds of thousands of baddies got slotted, he then asked for the job of ME peace envoy to make it all alright again, and now believes that he can bring the message of peace, love, charity and his god to the rest of the world, oh, and not forgetting his all-important 'legacy'. He doesn't want to be remembered as the chobber who got everything wrong, or the chimp's chump, or the spakker who couldn't do a proper job of taking caring of this country's interests as PM, he'd much prefer to be seen in the same light as Mother Theresa. TBH, I concur, because she's dead.
  3. Due to the increasingly depressing sales figures for St. Cheries autobiography, Tony has founded a front organisation to distribute her inane dribblings worldwide. If you join his "faith" organisation you get a free Bible. It is only after receiving your free gift, do you realise that the dust cover is just that, a cover. Underneath the smiling (clue there) picture of God is Cheries magnum opous.
    You have been warned.
  4. I suddenly have these visions of BLiar and Bush in a "Faith Foundation" Waco style ranch in Texas as leaders of a strange cult that still believes in the Neo-Conservative world order. It is enough to send a shiver down your spine!
  5. That works for me, who do we have inside the the local ATF-alike?
  6. He intends the foundation to 'bring together all the religions'. Hey. it worked - we all hate him!
  7. bagsy the pastafarian representative on this farce.
    feed me enough expansive lunches and i'll probably not ram my trusty pirate saber where it may need a significant refurb :twisted:
  8. You might be joking but there have been a number of articles in recent years about how fairly extremist evangelical Christian groups have been infiltrating the US military for a while. Now that's slightly worrying.
  9. I kinda presumed he was planning to anounce himself as the new Messiah.
    Tony Blair the Second Coming sort of thing. As long as it presents an oppurtunity to crucify the fukker I will be quite content,
  10. It upsets me as a spam that so many of my compatriots view this clown as America's best friend. Believe it or not he is extremely popular with the American right. I try to explain to them that he is for everything they are against; but to not avail.

    A conservative talk radio personality here claimed that Blair is popular in the UK even though people disagree with him on the Iraq War. I no longer listen to her drivel.

    This is the mission statement. Notice my bolding, tackle conflict from a man that got us into Iraq and Afghanistan. It's unbelievable. He really has a messiah complex.
  12. Two 'faithless' flats for sale in Bristol.
  13. Unbelievable, more inane egotistical ranting from a grinning ex-lawyer who still believes in fairy tales about a big fairy up in the sky who knows when we're good and when we're bad, who knows when we're sleeping etc etc (or is that Santa, I can never remember).

    How ironic that a qualified barrister, whose job was to compile and interpret evidence, believes in all that superstitious mumbo jumbo, based on bronze age folk tales. The ten commandments have all that stuff about graven images, so Blair decides it's far better to worship statues of the "virgin" Mary. What a complete cunt, and an insane one at that!
  14. If they mass exterminate their own then let them crack on. Post PM John Major at least went quietly and dwindled away allowing us to heal our wounds over time. Smiler Blair on the other hand keeps popping up like a bad penny.