The "to grass or not to grass" thread

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Mods, I can't believe that you removed the thread on "How can i get in the knickers of a fellow cadet who fancies an instructor not me?"

Ask yourselves this: where is young woody32 going to turn now, when he wants the sage advice of his elders? ;)

I most humbly request that you reconsider this decision. I promise not to be mean to him any more. :roll:
OMG!!! The thread was all nice and amicable and cosy last time I looked. Would he have, maybe, "named and shamed"?
i know it can be close to the bone in places , however many points raised were valid and would have been discussed down the pub so not big news these days , plenty of people in positions of trust have dated students before and after will continue to do so................

I have "quarantined" the thread pending advice from other mods and our legal advisor. There is potentially an offence being committed under the Children's Act, if what has been said is true and as such we (ARRSE HQ) may have to take a view on that. Equally, we also have to protect ourselves from any potential fall out regarding libel.
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