The Title of YOUR Book

I've done a search and can't find a thread so:

If you were to write a book about your time and experiences in the military what would the title be?

To start off

Serious - "Soldiers And Surgeons"

As they are the only ones who are never forgiven for their mistakes.

Humorous - "Farting With Confidence"

For all those times that we suffer from the squirts whilst on deployment.

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We were soldiers once......and thin.
Oh Fuck

Which is a short title of less than ten fucking letters.
Madie oh Madie
You may have purchased my book but you still owe a tenner.

Catchy eh?


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'The Remarkable People Around Me'. or 'These I Have Known'. As it's not so much about what I've done but what I've seen others do.

'Looking Back, Going Forward'

'Though I Change My Skies I Change Not My Loyalties'.

'It doesn't take the brains of an Archbishop - which is just as well'.

'Surviving Gordon Brown'.

'WTF is MTP? A Soldier's Journey into Senility'.

'I Nearly Met Prince William at Breakfast'.
It's all gone horribly wrong

the sequel to be;
It's all gone horribly wrong again

and of course;
Why is it still going horribly wrong?
Twenty Lambert and Butler and a sausage roll. Adventures in the NAAFI queue.

Sports Afternoons and other Army myths.

Whos rifle is this?

My best friend the badge. The life and times of an SUS.

Brasso Blanco and Bull.....
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