The Ting Tings

Is 38 too old to like the Ting Tings?

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Yes. Pubescent White Stripers, with a touch of Sal n' Pepper and a chav voice. Reasonable looking tart, though
Yes, you are far too old - you should tune your wireless to Radio 4 - you would be surprised how many improving programmes there are. That noise was just a racket, you couldn't hear what they were saying and it was unclear whether the drummer was a boy or a girl.
Ive got this and Great DJ on my phone. I prefer Grreat DJ but both are infectious and a little bit querky.

I'm 42 so don't worry about the age thing.
Maninthestreet said:
I caught that somewhere else, it has an " Oh Micky you're so fine.. etc" vibe to it.
Acceptable if that was your thing back then :)
Yes, that was my first thought too!

She's better looking than Toni Basil though.
age?. o yeah, that's the thing that's such a concern to the immature.
dont worry about it, just a number, as for music if it makes you wanna whistle along to it or bob your head and shake your butt then its good music.

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