The Tinfoil Brigade will love this...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by hellfyyr, Jan 8, 2007.

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  1. Apparently MI5 (or Five) are going to send alerts ofthe terror threat increasing directly to the wearers of special tinfoil hats; oh alright then, they will be sent by e-mail to people who sign up for the service, but my version was better :wink:

    Link Here

    Whatever next?

    Hang on! If they send alerts that they suspect a terror plot, could that not alert a potential terrorist if he signed up to the service? Actually this could be a clever ruse; we could constantly increase the alert state thus leaving the terrorist wrong-footed as he might expect the Anti-Terror Branch to knock on the door at any second as we are on to him.

    This would also allay the fears of the public who might believe any funding excuses we give them about the cost of the war on terror.

    I doubt this is 'spin' but you Tinfoil guys have fun, you hear!

  2. hellyyr,
    MI5 ARE the tinfoil brigade.
  3. I knew they would not be able to resist :D

    Cue some outburst about oppression, freedom of speech and political conspiracies :D
  4. [​IMG]

    Always love a spot of fishing...
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    Hellfyyr. You're doing your best to breathe life into this pisspoor offering, but please, just let it fall off the end, there's a good chap. Let it drop naturally to where it rightly belongs. Your sad ramblings are uncomfortable, embarrassing, wasting valuable space and not at all conducive to the high standard expected from long term contributors to this esteemed site.
  6. Jesus! Another one and I had barely baited my hook again...


  7. B.B.C.:

    "Terror fear over Clash fan's song

    A phone salesman was hauled off a London-bound plane by police after his taste in music aroused terrorism fears ."

    Joe Strummer would have loved that.
    You just can't buy publicity that good, classic.
  8. Bell-end.
  9. Thanks babe...

    He is a dick and is simply upset at being a Tin-foil Angling Trophy!