The timing of elections....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Awol, May 10, 2005.

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  1. everything. First the election was held two working days before the B of E was due to announce whether interest rates would move (just in case) and now this from the Office of National Statistics.....

    It's not often those emotional economist types use language like this...

    "The sheer scale of the fall is absolutely shocking," said John Butler, an economist at HSBC. "It is not a massive surprise that manufacturing fell but the numbers have absolutely collapsed. They could be pointing to a severe recession," he added."

    Bugger, and there's me buying a bigger house. Gordon has some explaining to do methinks.
  2. Mmmmm, you sound surprized. For their first term Labour came in with Billions in the 'War Chest' that they started spendin (or is that throwing at!) Helth, Education, Crime but not Defence as that'S not a vote winner.

    For their second term they threw less but poo pooed every economist on the street when all of them said that the situation was unsustainable and the figures don't add up. And that was ALL the economists that said that as Brown stood there and said that everyone was wrong except him.

    Third term is starting and Brown told us that everyone else who said that taxes would have to be increased, or costs decrease, for the figures to keep within the relms of standard mathmatics, were wrong and all his increases are 'affordable' because he was always right and everyone else who had studied economics hadn't got a clue. Well, the news is that things are taking a turn for the worse and the only interesting thing is to see how they are going to increase taxes without being called liars and the opposition to turn round and say 'I told you so!'

    I leave you with the quote "Our economic policy is affordable, sustainable and not a return to the 'Boom Bust' years of the conservative party!". Vote Blair..... get bo11ox!
  3. They wont increase income Tax. They promised ?

    But look out for a nice little stealth Tax on NI !!

    We have to raise it because,
    a, Your living longer and draining the NHS ?,
    b, Bloody Smokers ?
  4. Every labour Chancellor has F-d up the economy. It just takes time and they will do it using weired twisted Socialist Economic theories.
    And LIE.
    13 years of tory misrule Yes good at slogans.
    The government knew these figures where coming just as they know they have blown the economy AGAIN.
    Debt relief for Africa, yes good great apeals to all, but as with free national health sumone has to pay.
    Saw yesterday the payoffs that two junior ex minister had received, who do these people think they are kidding.
  5. err, the great misled 35.2% of the recent big party turn out...... 8O
  6. Hate the B'stards.
    I really do.