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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, May 25, 2006.

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  6. in Iraq forever!!!

  7. it is not my business

  1. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I was going to post this separately but, well, I guess this is an appropriate thread:


    ( That last sentence might have been lifted from a Rumsfeld speech - no Brit talks of "cutting and running" and it is a favourite NeoCon-ism with its unsavoury connotations of desertion and cowardice.....other than that....)

    Le Chevre
  2. Stay for ever but chrage them 10% of ther GDP for our presence, it would help keep our taxes down.....otherwise lets fcuk off asap!
  3. You forgot the option "until the job is done"
  4. It is a partial case of the option: "it is not my business". Or you can specify when exactry (from your point of view) "the job" would be done.
  5. Sh1t - does this mean that our beloved Deputy PM is indeed running the country in his absence? Fortunately, with no ministerial responsibilities, I'm sure that our John will be able to keep a firm hand on his staff to ensure that the country isn't run any differently from when Tony's in.

    Apart from meeting George Bush, is Tony booked up for speaking engagements in the USA this week?
  6. When the Iraqi Govt asks us to leave ;) And no .. "it's not my business" is not the same as saying "When the job is done".
  7. There are other opinions. Many think that the decision will be made rather in Washington than in Baghdad.

    Anyway, if you are British, Iraqi minister or member American administration then it is your business. If not then it is not your business. So if you insist on "until the job is done" statement then "it is not your business" statement is also true.

    By the way, are you British minister?
  8. Any poll can be skewed by the questions asked or the choice of options. Sergey, I get the impression that english isnt your first language, so maybe you should stay away from polls.
  9. Dear Wha_Dar!

    Your are absolutely right, English is not my first language. As for your kind proposition to stay away from polls then I haven't voted myself in this poll and don't vote in other ones with rare exceptions - I voted for Telegraph as my preferable newspaper (maybe the only case then I ever voted).

    Probably you mean that I should not initiate polls. It is a reasonable remark. However I'm not sure that it violates the rules.
  10. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Beg to differ there Sergei Nikolayevich....

    > I'm a British taxpayer - which makes it my business
    > many on this board are serving Army or reservists - which makes it their business
    > others, like Lucky Jim, have nearest and dearest serving in the Sandbox - which makes it their business

    ...and the way Ministers, members of the Adminisphere and others find out that it's fittin' well OUR business is when they are looking for new jobs......which is how a democracy is supposed to function. :x

    << Gentlemen, you have sat here too long - in the name of God GO !! >>

    < I may have been sucking back the Sneaky Pete on the last one...but you get my drift>

    Na Zdroviye !
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    from Aunty:

    ...all going to prove the veracity of Churchill's << Jaw-jaw is better than war, war. >>
  12. You are right Goatman. Iraqi war itself is your businees of course. It is a business of any British taxpayer, any soldier, moreover those that (God guard them!) are on duty in Iraq.

    However, there is a difference between the war itself and the decision about the withdrawal. So there are two possibilities (writing my I don't mean myself):

    1. It is my business to propose a concrete timetable and I wish to make it clear.
    2. It is not my business to make any concrete propositions. I don't care or trust highly esteemed, learned mr.Blair.
  13. Setting a timetable plays into the hands of those who cause death and destruction.By putting a date on the table for Coalition Forces to withdraw gives them a point in time for a Spectacular.Day arrive's,Bang 1000 pounds of explosives detonates in Market place.100's dead on the day we announced our departure,good plan.We should leave when we have achieved all that is required of us,and Iraq is happy for us to depart.This is already the case in 14 of the 18 Provences.However achieving a workable solution in those 4 will be very difficult,and if I'm honest a long way off.The Def Sec made a good speach,which I hope he delivers on.The well being of our serving troops should be his priority,to this end Good,Reliable,Working equipment should be at the top of his Things to do list.
  14. Let's look at this point closely. How the insurgents could use the timetable? Suppose that it would be declared that coalition forces would quit Iraq in 2009 (by the way it will happen anyway). US/UK would have trupms. They could ask why are you fighting? We will go out anyway. Many moderate insurgent factions could announce a truce. Fragile peace could be used for reconstruction of Iraq so Iraqis could soon see that presence of the coalition in Iraq is for their benefits. As for the timetable then it could be revised (if it would be needed). So I don't see any negative consequences from a declaration of a timetable.

    So the terrorists would open their faces. Previously they acted under a mask - "we demand a withdrawal".

    3 years showed that the current strategy failed and really nobody believes that it is workable. So something should be done, something different.

    Indeed many would be happy.

    For understandable reasons Kurdish provinces are peaceful. As for the rest then more than half of Iraqis live in "unstable provinces". And the situation goes worse, not better.

    Iraqis would hear it with great interest.

    Of course Iraqis would be happy to hear how he cares about British soldiers.

    Right! It is the only way to improve daily life of Iraqi people.