The Times They Are A Changin - but are they?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Feb 18, 2010.

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  1. I shan't comment on the merits or otherwise of this case as I am not familiar with it. In summary, however, a female soldier, accusing the MoD of harassment, turned down a pre-trial offer of £60K plus £125 costs and went to trial instead.

    Judge duly decided that she had been harassed and awarded her £6983, with liability for costs to be decided at a later date - an extraordinarily low sum when compared to other cases that have been before the courts.

    Are we now entering a more enlightened age with regard to damages i.e one where emotional hurt has much less of a price put on it? Or is this a one-off aberration?
  2. I saw report this earlier and wondered why the growling hadn't started on this site yet. However, more than simply an excuse for bulgy-eyed internet chest-poking, I think it should be the basis for a thread directed against the extremely poor management skills apparently exhibited by the unit concerned, which appears to have allowed this loose cannon to bounce around, shooting feet wherever it pointed. The fact that the cannon then appointed the Ocean Finance legal team to represent it merely indicates the level of seriousness which we should treat it.
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  4. Hadn't spotted that. However, I wasn't approaching it from the perspective of that particular poster.
  5. All right, all right! Bloody hell, do you want me to read all the blasted guff on your forum before posting my wisdom? Yassus! :evil:
  6. Yeah. See?

    Hah. Thinks he's the bee's , this mod.
  7. I do wonder if Anyone who as 'Served' is Civvy Normal, or if Men (The species, Male & Female being the gender) do conform with Civvy Standards when serving in a Disciplined Force and Environment.
    Human Rights types, non of whom I am aware of have ever Served or seem to have done any practical work for the Community have bummed their Theoretical gums and now demand that their strange way of life be accepted by all.
    I am sure that I was abused and misused in my time but was Man enough to get over it.
    I know some of the troops who worked for me where not happy with my methods which I consider correct and strangely so did my Bosses.
    I saw Discipline, Loyalty, Men doing their Duty and on the few years I worked on units with both Male & Female I also saw much Flirting between the Sexes.
    I doubt which ever Lord above, who you believe in, could adequately define when Flirting goes to far and becomes victimisation.

    Beer has Made more Marriages then it's Broken.