The Times - TA struggling to recruit: interview with Major-General Ranald Munro

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DangerMouse, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Old-Salt Moderator

    I think this article contains new information; apologies if it doesn't, in which case moderators please move it to the existing TA thread(s), and/or delete it. I thought it might be useful, a) because I think it's a new interview with Munro, and b) The Times is behind a paywall.

  2. The cunning reservist plan is a work of fantasy and the Government knows it.
  3. No Shit Sherlock!
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  4. Well, they can join in a weekend anyway.

    It's getting them through the training pipeline that takes a bit longer.

    I'm not sure about the
    isn't a bad thing anyway. Better to have a good recruit after a couple of months than a knob after a weekend.
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  5. This sentence caught my eye ....

    "The plan will require support from employers, given that anyone who joins the revamped TA can expect to deploy on operations one year in every five even after Afghanistan winds down at the end of 2014. Future missions could include training forces in North Africa, protecting the Falklands and — most likely — providing security inside the UK."

    Utter, utter bollocks is my first impression. One in five ? Absent some step change in international affairs, not a chance. For a 30k strong trained strength that equates to 6k TA a year. Really ? More than for HERRICK ? I think not.

    North Africa - given how broke we are I can't see us do more than send over trainers. Given that the Regs will - post Herrick - be mostly twiddling their thumbs in some UK shithole like Tidworth I can't see them giving up slots to the TA for a jolly much less calling them out en masse.

    And the Falklands - will the Regs suddenly decide not to go down to break the monotony of Bulford and let the TA have a go ? I think not.

    As to security within the UK, the miserable death of CCRF would seem to indicate how much civil powers think they need the Army; that is, not at all. Besides, an organisation that needs a months notice to get vehicles ordered from WFM is hardly your go to for emergencies.
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  6. Yet it is one the Army has said it can deliver and should be able to if it is as capable in this area as our peers and allies. Hence my firm belief that failure will be used as evidence of a need for a damn good wire brushing of the Army which will no doubt also reduce in a cost saving.
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  7. Apart from the TA angle, have the Government proposed changes for ex-regular reserves? Seems like the US model makes it quite difficult to ever really leave the forces.
  8. There is a section about the regular reserves in the FR20 Consultation Paper. It says there will be a continuing need for regular reserves, but skill fade limits the period over which reservists can realistically be recalled without retraining, particularly in some specialist roles.

    The paper says there are two approaches currently being examined:
    1. Encouraging service leavers to join the volunteer reserves.
    2. Encouraging regular reservists to keep in touch - many are lost track of.

    The consultation ended in January and, as the Times article says, a White Paper will be coming out next.
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  9. JPA is partly to blame - post discharge contact details were dropped from the JPA menu some years ago because of the cost of the software. Whether this will be included in the migration to the new platform this August is anyone guess.

    Having left almost a year ago, I'd quite like to be recalled in times of national emergency; however, I'm not sure the foreign- owned company I now work for would be quite so amused.
  10. The problem with this line of approach is that for:

    1. People leaving the Army are either too old or senior for the TA structure, broken, disillusioned with the Army or wasters anyway.
    2. I think many leavers purposefully drop under the radar to avoid detection. This will increase if the risk of call-up increases.



  11. I think the word to note in the text is "encouraged", to actually mean that they don't feel they can ditch the RR just yet so will spend as little as possible and expect nothing.

    They were not transferred to JPA as the TELIC data showed they were useless for their intended purpose, I don't see that changing any time soon.
  12. Mr Dave and MoD have a baldrick mark 2 'Cunning Plan'... they will nick Mr B'Liar and Mr Broone's 'Cunning Plan' for the Brit Army when in Iraq and Afghanistan.... it's called ..'Punching Above Our Weights'.....what a bunch of sad fatheads in Mod and Parliament...
  13. As I've said before:

    1. Outline a plan to cut down the number of Regular soldiers, as they'll be replaced by a grand cohort of 30k TA / Reserves.
    2. TA / Reserve fail to meet that target
    3. Its obviously the fault of the TA
    4. Keep new, lower Regular headcount
    5. Blame the TA for not having recruited sufficient to replace Regular cuts
    6. OBE for services to cost cutting.
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  14. And if taken in the context of the future "United Kingdom Self-Defence Forces (incorporating nuclear deterrent)" makes perfect sense.

  15. I reckon the current politicians plan is as follows:

    1. Tell the Army to increase the Reserves post cuts delayed by HERRICK to Army,
    2. Watch as Army fuckup something other comparable armies handle easily;
    3. Cut top end of Army for being crap;
    4. Use failure to deliver as proof that full time soldiers not worth the money and cut Regs more;
    5. Repeat until Army delivers Reserves as instructed.

    You'd have to be on some serious drugs to think failure to deliver will be good for the Army.