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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CharlieBubbles, Mar 28, 2009.

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  1. Pages 6 and 7 of the Times newspaper, although the story is also on line but not as in depth.

    The article is dealing with YET AGAIN "Forces / Ex Forces" Mental Health illnesses and the lack of care and understanding their is surrounding this issue, no matter whether serving or with the many Ex Serving members of Her Majesties Armed Forces.

    Kevan Jones MP does either have NO idea, or as the rest of Gobberment, choose to ignore all the issues surrounding WHY and HOW?

    There are very many factors surrounding those affeced by Mental Health, whether they are still serving and committing suicide, or ex serving with homelessness / prison and or suicide. Although these are perhaps the extreems, however, many who are affected NOW live in some VERY dark places and NO one seems able to make a judgement as to what can be offered and byu whome?
  2. If there are those out there reading this and as yet have not replied to any of the threads over the issue of PTSD / Mental Health illnesses in EX forces, then please come in and join us, or PM us.

    As much of what the article said was about those who are as we speaking are STILL serving who have already the signs and symptoms of some form for Combat / Service Related Mental Health illness.

    Many reading this although perhaps have not yet admitted to themselves they have an ILLNESS ( that CAN be treated), if they leave it too long will have DIRE consequencies for both themselves and their immidiate families.

    I am NOT scare mongering, I have as a direct result of leaving with a long term chronic back problem in 1992, by mid 93 I had my first panic attack, what did the NHS do, fill me FULL of prescribed medication and sent me home to rot for the rest of the 1990's.

    I am knocking NOT anyone in the ex forces charites, as it appeared to me a the time, that as soon as you said Mental Health they RAN in the opposite direction, when a CHAT from someone EX military would have really helped.

    When you leave YOU leave the TEAM and YOU can fell VERY alone and SO isolated, this ONLY adding to the feelings of initially depression and then WHAT?

    That was 1993 and still NOTHING has changed and nor will it until government and all related services admit initially there is a very real and growing problem and then to put NHS services in place to catch and then treat ALL those who admit then seek help.

    There are NO Priority Treatments, no matter what pieced of papers the NHS send out stating otherwise! GP's do NOT know and the NHS or SPVA are doing anything about the scheme, to open it up to all those who NEED said help!

    I am infomed that at the conference held last November in Hull "Beyond Combat", that the NOW Veterans Minister was totally out of his depth and did not inspire confidence, therefore does HE really KNOW what is going on in respect of EX Forces Mental Health, does the Government care and WHEN will the NHS give us a level playing field, an equal access to what even those who have got illegally into this country get, yet have NEVER paid for! Some who could have been in combat against us only MONTHS ago!

    For some it is already TOO late, with too many suicides of those who once fought bravely for Queen and Country, yet the people and the country do not want to know, or treat and care for those who kept them free and able to protest fot their beliefs and ideals.

    How many MORE suicides, broken lives, broken marriages, living rough on the streets of the towns and cities and even ending up in prison as a result of their MENTAL HEALTH illness and that CAN be treated IF WE are treated EQUALLY and FAIRLY??

    Ex Services NEED ex services to take through all the issues with, as we have a language all of our own and a sense of humor that many feel is sick and are replused by, that is or WAS our protection against ALL we saw and did while serving, but civvies still don't fully understand the problems as a WHOLE and until the WHOLE is treated and the wife / partner becomes totally involved, nothing will ever change.

    WHY don't GP's know of MAP 'Military Assessment Programme' at St. Thomas's in London, this is run by one Dr Ian Palmer and ex military clinician who only said 10 days ago "Does NOT know the level of the problem, knowing it is getting much worse" but if GP's don't know, how can they begin to get a handle on the issues / probelms related to Combat / Service Related Mental Health
  3. In a book, what was published last year "War and Medicine" ISBN 978-1-906155-52-0. By Black dog publishing.

    Ben Shepherd writes an article on "Why the psychiatry of war is too important to be left to psychiatrists".

    If you can get a copy it's well worth a read of his article.
  4. My bold. Charlie, no-one has decent access to psychological therapies on the NHS at the moment, it's rubbish for everyone. Illegal immigrants absolutely don't get priority treatment.

    If there were services out there then veterans would get prioritised, however it's not easy to make someone a priority for a non-existent service. My local GPs know about the scheme, as I've told them.
  5. He also wrote a very good book, A War of Nerves, detailing the history of military psychiatry. Well worth a read if that's of interest.
  6. As I did as a Lay Member of the RCGP's here in Humberside and had printed in their last newsletter, a full page about MAP and CS, that's why I made contact with the local Mental Health Trust, they know NOTHING about MAP, CS or the numbers of those serving / ex service who have been affected with Psychological issues as a direct result to their service career.

    The Times made many valid points, some of the figures that I was unaware of and the problem is both real and growing. If the Government as they have offered this Priority Treatments, then do NOTHING about it, this breakes the TRUST and RESPECT for those who are most at risk!