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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Monocled_Mutineer, Sep 22, 2005.

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  1. Yesterday at lunch I had the misfortune of having to buy the Times, as all the copies of the Torygraph ahad been sold.

    The letters page had two letters regarding the present situation in Iraq, specifically with the rescue of the two squaddies.

    I have to say that I was amazed to read that some people out there are blaming individual soldiers for the current situation.

    My initial reaction was to send a reply in and call them both CNUTs, but that would be seen as being childish.

    Don’t anyone else think it is about time that we started to go into bat against these bleeding’ tree huggers and remind them if it wasn’t for the like of us they would be speaking German.
  2. I think you should send a reply in and call them both cnuts. 8)
  3. what are these people on.
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The Times Centre-Right? Only if that's what you think Mr Bliar is. He is so far up Murdoch's arrse he ses things through the dirty digger's mouth. The Times, once a great Organ, is now a part of the same stable as the Scum, and one that Blair dare not offend.

    seems the sensible people waited to get more of the story before they wrote in

    letter 1

    Sir, Mr Mike Abbott (letter, September 21) asks what two British soldiers were doing in Basra wearing Arab garb. As I understand it they were heroically risking their lives to gather intelligence on the terrorists who daily murder innocent Iraqis by the dozen.
    When Iraqis show that they are capable of responsible government, it will be time for us to leave that wretched country. Sadly that time still seems distant.

    letter 2

    Sir, Two of your correspondents on the recent action in Basra (September 21) focus upon the alleged misdeeds of the UK forces rather than the actions of the so-called Iraqi security forces who handed over two British soldiers to the insurgent terrorists.
    To be opposed to the war in Iraq and the subsequent occupation is understandable and legitimate. To close your eyes to the whole scenario is in my view prejudiced and dishonest.
  6. I said something about this in a different thread, why don't we have a voice to answer these people in the national media. By that I mean someone who can put these people in their place, not someone who has to give an answer that appeases the politicians and doesn't really represent what the core of the army is thinking and doing.
  7. Well, it shouldn't be difficult to add the word 'League' to Arsse's homepage. That's all it needs for the BBC to take anyone seriously.
  8. J_D

    J_D LE

    Send them out to Iraq, then see what they say.
  9. One of the letter writers from yesterday's Times is a Junior Research Fellow in Geography at Cambridge, so I'm sure he'd welcome the opportunity to go out and do a spot of fieldwork....
  10. I read those letters yesterday aswell, and yes they're both cnuts!
  11. I understand that Dz its not really these people Im offended by as freedom of speech is a right to everyone. I was perhaps hinting at lazy journalism where the words "allegedly" or "source" usually mean that somethings been made up and the armed forces are made to look bad. Why do the powers that be allow this to happen, journalists should be made to stand up and prove that these things actually happened. Lets face it Piers Morgan got away pretty scott free after publishing those faked pictures, he's on the party circcuit more and more and can now sit back and rake in the preofits from his memoirs without having to worry about being fired. Why hasn't the MoD looked to charge him for the damage that he and his paper caused to the Army?

    Rant over!