The Times gets forces pay totally wrong


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Article in the Times today about the detainee media scrum reports that soldiers of the rank Private / Marine get paid £20,000-24,000 :x

Source was the Armed Forces Pay Review document; it's clear to see what he's done, simply read the row left-right next to the rank Marine, and got 20,000-24,000 because he doesn't understand the pay band gradations. A little far away from the real figure of £15,500+ though, let alone last year's figure of £14,323.

Still, it's totally misrepresenting the pittance that our lowest ranking soldiers are paid, and bad to have that stuff out in the public domain when people are arguing for equity of pay ref. firefighters and similar public service jobs.

Some folks on here who don't have their hands tied by the no media rule (however risible that idea is this week) should probably write in to correct them.
Well contact The Times then. They are normally pretty good and have corrected errors in the past
I contacted my MP not too long ago when the AFPRB announcement was overdue to basically whinge at him as I had nothing better to do at the time.

I got a letter back from him saying that he supported the Forces, blah blah blah and that the 9% pay rise that I got was excellent-err, what fcuking 9% pay rise? I got 3.4%-only the people who haven't been in long enough to be disillusioned got that rise.

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