The Times - Fijian soldier sends medals to Prince Charles over citizenship fight

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DangerMouse, Jan 23, 2013.

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  1. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Old-Salt Moderator
  2. Now where on earth could the Baleiweis have got that idea from?

    I was pleased that he was allowed to stay and of course it would be sad if he really was being made homeless
    but there's a number of Mrs's Baleiwei's previous statements to the press that, quite honesty, I would raise an eyebrow over.
  3. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    we aren't the foreign legion though so 'right to remain' married or not isn't a guaranteed thing. he married here so she should be prepared to go back to fiji with him.

    there is I believe something about it in the marriage ceremony although I am no veteran in those matters.

    its nice that he came over to join up and did some proper work but he was an economic migrant after all filling a job vacancy, even the marriage was probably part of his long term plan to stay away from home.
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  4. You contradict your own logic in that post. No guaranteed "right to remain, married or not" according to you, yet his marriage was "probably" only part of this soldier's long term plan to stay away from home? Might be sensible to keep such speculation about other people's personal lives to yourself.
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  5. There is a hint of a Drama Queen about this whole business (covered ad naseum elsewhere). Returning the medals is self-serving, attention-seeking behaviour. However, if they are trying to garner cash for expenses, his medal set, along with certificates, etc, would be worth a pretty penny to bona fide collectors.
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  6. Melt the medals down and turn it in to this:

    Attached Files:

  7. I feel for the family and think this could have been handled, by all parties, differently! However, if you’ve served this country, for whatever personal reason, I believe you should have the RIGHT to citizenship. There are a lot of other people, born in this country that do not give but only take; we are now in the fourth generation of benefit claiming families who sponge off the state. They do nothing for this country other than plunder the coffers for cash, steal from hard working families and shout loudly that it is their RIGHT to do so! Send those sponging fcukers over to Fiji, keep the soldier!
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  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    my missus was IND so I got her tales every night for 5 years or when something like this comes up on the news, she still does immigration in HMRC as nearly every restaurant she raids has illegals there - even married he could be sent back if it was deemed a convenience as she used to do the sending back.

    No probably about it - I've known plenty who have come over here from all over to find a wife so they can stay and shit on the system in one form or another. he took the risks and it backfired a little. sit and chat with the greenies in any naafi or factory canteen and you will encounter the same plan over and over - find a local girl, get legal and start bringing the family over in most cases. not saying they don't love their wives (although there are a couple who were right cnuts) but that was a by product of the plan which is after all only human nature.

    if he gets over it then fine I wish him well but he shouldn't complain when the system he was working and doing rather well out of goes against him. the army/IND probably did use a double standard, but them's the rules.

    the medal stunt is just drama - more games, probably hoping for a wealthy donor to bail them out.

    automatic right to remain hasn't worked so well in aldershot I gather.
  9. Strikes me that his case, was a case of being an easy one to investigate just by a "paper sift" and so they clamped down on him to take easy action on an easy target. If he had to be properly investigated then they wouldn't have bothered looking.

    There should be a swift and straightforward way to appeal these decisions. I would favour a simple form sent to his former CO asking questions like; "Would he make a good citizen?" or "Would he make a good neighbour?" or, "Would YOU let him stay in this counrty after he completes his service?". And then allow residency based on the CO's say so. That would do for me. Let's face it there are loads, huge numbers of people, with far less right to be here.
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  10. Seconded.
  11. There are thousands of British born subjects in this country who have done nothing for the nation and continue to be a leach upon society wasting govt money , NHS , social services and Police time and effort.

    So what if this bloke has come here with a view to doing his 5 years and settling ?

    He did 5 years for the crown he should be allowed to stay. Its far more than many "ethnic brits" do ..........
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  12. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    the appeal process is simple enough and not expensive. its then down to the court to decide.

    There's a lot of problems could be solved if we could deport the wives/families with them, it would cut down the convenience marriages that fill the papers as you would have to be pretty serious to lose your council house for a mud hut.

    the US is offering citizenship for service as standard, we could as well which would at least make it honest.
  13. Agreed - unless you really are a odious **** and have committed a heinous felony. However, scrapping in the NAAFI, whilst pissed, is not the crime of the century (unless it becomes a heinous felony of course) and should not preclude Fijians, Gurkhas, Irishmen, Welshmen & Jocks(do they count in this bracket?) from getting a British passport.
  14. Again, it's the PBI that has to put the cash up! Why did it even get to this point? Soft target, that’s the way to describe this guy, if he'd been hiding in an attic room with twenty of his mates above a curry house, in Birmingham, H.M. whatever Gov. Section wouldn't have been interested in him and he'd be living there now, why? Because all those others are "Too hard to do"! If you want to get this country working right again, find the illegal’s, kick them out, find the spongers make them work for their cash, hang the murders and paedophiles, take the T.V.s and games consoles out of the prison cells and make prisoners brake rocks, close the boarders, stop sending our money and troops overseas and make politicians accountable for the money they’re claiming off the tax payers! Fcuk me, this country has really hit the depths of fcukdom if a guy with medals gets kicked out for a bit of a scuffle and Imam Mohammed Killtheinfidels can stay!
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  15. Personally I think his 12 years have earned him the right to stay however the press spin it!