The Times - Case of Cpl Ellement, who hanged herself, leads to call for RMP watchdog

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DangerMouse, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Old-Salt Moderator
  2. Why did the RMP investigate a rape? Shouldn't such a serious crime have been dealt with by CivPol?
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  3. DangerMouse

    DangerMouse Old-Salt Moderator

    The Armed Forces Act 2006 gave Service Police the power to conduct the whole range of criminal investigations, up to and including rape and murder. (The Act also considerably increased the powers of military commander more broadly, for example extending COs' powers of imprisonment by 50%, from 60 to 90 days).

    What issues are there - if any - with Service Police controlling all investigations - up to and including rape and murder - with its own 'in-house' police forces?

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  4. Home Office forces would not have thought twice about calling in another force or IPCC. Deciding not to at the off, undermines the RMP and the Army.
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  5. It was also in BFG for an additional complication.
  6. 1. Prevents allegations of whitewash when it's one of your own that gets raped.
    2. Could you trust the Shore Patrol or the Snowdrops?
  7. **** off yourself you ********.
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  8. It wasn't clear in the piece.
  9. No, I'm asking appropriate questions on the current affairs thread and you come dicking along thinking your ****ing smart. Either piss of to the NAAFI, provide a decent answer or shut your ****ing pie hole.

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  10. Do you know exactly what the role of the SIB is & the fact they are as qualified as civi plod with their own scenes of Crime Officers and forensic technicians or is it your contention they are only fit to solve locker thefts?
  11. I think the point is that SIB are part of RMP and could expect to be accused of conflict of interests investigating alleged crime by their own.

    If that is not clear enough Dingerr will expand.

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  12. Point taken and as you'll see in my original post I actually asked a question myself & the fact that Dinger flew off on one telling me to **** off & that I've never served was totally unnecessary.
  13. The article did not mention the incident occurred in BFG, but that the victim hung herself at Bulford. I was enquiry why the RMP investigated it (or for pedantic fucks RMP(SIB)).

    And clearly it's some people's contention they are only fit to solve locker thefts if the introduction of a service IPCC is to be introduced.