The Times: Britain forges closer links with Mossad

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, May 4, 2008.

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  2. Sounds cool to me.
  3. I thought we already did the dirty with israel ? aka Suez !!!
  4. I'm all for forging closer links with the Jewish nation. Good move.
  5. Sergey, do you ever actually comment on your links initially, or do you just push them out here to find out what we think?

    In my opinion you should be awarded the oxygen thief tag mate.
  6. Sergey is a good lad- leave him be.
    I've never noticed you before though.

    You started a thread similarly so wind it in

  7. Fair sir, as a devoted friend of Israel your obedient servant extremely pleased by the process of forgery of close links between Great Britain and Mossad.
  8. perhaps someone could clarify,
    we (the british as well as our allies) helped the israelis in the 40's and 50's(grandad served there),

    but frankly im not 100% sure of our motivation at the time,
    now it could be argued that it would a good idea to have allies in the middle east (to address the issue of debate)

    p.s. "KGB_resident" are you actually KGB? i wouldnt think youd advertise it... or if you cant awnser that then dont.
  9. All for it - Mossad seem to be on top of things in the region generally and aren't afraid to split heads when they need to. Good on em.
  10. Aye good move, Israelis are good people internationally(minus the militias before you start) and they dont give a fcuk if it gets the job done, we need to be making friends with other small poweful countries IMO.

  11. i understand your point, and it is nice to see "results", but what should be considered is that israel and its enemies are in the middle of a "holy war" strictly speaking it would be dangerous for us to take sides (although thats already too late),

    what is happening (i presume) is that government is (and has) been siding with those who are the least threat to us,

    i doubt a peacful conclusion will ever be reached; and its a shame...
  12. Me? No, personally I don't have any links to the KGB. However my dad is a former colonel of KGB and my wife is a former lieutenant of KGB.
  13. OK...should i be found dead its because i asked too many questions...

    only kidding, but i doubt youd admit if you were anyway.

    let us say no more on the subject before the above takes place.
  14. fusil89, too late! :D
  15. regarding what?
    my comments on israel,
    or my conversation with KGB resident?

    if its the second option im pretty sure im not I? :cry: