The Time

It may have escaped ARRSE's notice that the clocks went forward on Sunday morning. Is there any chance that the site can update its time accordingly?

I have already missed lunch and been late for a meeting as a result of tracking the time through the medium of ARRSE. Many thanks.
It is - make sure that your time settings are set properly here.
Thank's BCO i have been trying to work it out all weekend

when i post in the threads it gives the correct time , on the front page it states the post were posted a hour earlier
Done. Related to the server problems of the last 18 hours. It will throw the last posts out for a couple of hours.
We're now nearly 2hrs adrift from UK - I can understand being permanently Zulu. Are COs based in November zone currently Daylight saving time for ?:-

GREENLAND (east- Scoresbysund/Ittoqqortoormiitdst)
PORTUGAL (AZORES- Hortadst, Praia da Vitoriadst, Ponta Delgadadst)
I've no idea why this keeps going tits up. I've sorted it again. We'll be on a new server tomorrow so I'm not going to struggle top find out why we keep jumping around in tim.

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